FitPro’s: How To Start An Online Fitness Business

FitPro’s: How To start An Online Fitness Business

It’s what most trainers want these days, a successful online fitness ‘biz nis’.

And who’s to blame you, as I also quickly realised that 1-1 in person coaching was not the right thing for me in the long term.

I wanted more.

I wanted to really enjoy working with my clients. I didn’t want to worry about if they would actually turn up to their session nor did I want to carry them through it on the days they couldn’t be bothered.

But I still wanted to help people change their bodies and improve their health.

An online fitness business allows me to do exactly that.

And when you get it just right, you discover that you can earn a better income, have more free time AND achieve better results for people.

Over the last number of years I have been relentless in working at, and growing, my online fitness business.

Here are my top tips to help you do the same:-

1. Have a plan

Before working on your online fitness business, it’s important to understand what you really want from it, and WHY you are doing it.

Knowing what you truly want to create through an online business will propel and motivate you to do the work required. And there is a lot of work.

Creating an online fitness business is VERY different to working in a gym as a personal trainer.

Be sure to consider the following:

  • start up costs
  • testing
  • scaling
  • competition

2. Finding a home

To be successful online fitness business, you must create your ‘own world’ for your visitors.

What I mean is that you must develop your own website. This is how people will find you.

It’s also how your followers can learn more about who you really are, what you offer, your information and how to contact you.

Outsource what you cannot do alone, this will save you time and ensure you get it right from the start.

3. Find your ideal client

Never create an online fitness business that appeals to everyone.

Just take a look at Weight Watchers, which is not only the largest online diet organisation, but it also only appeals to those people who want to lose weight.

They never mention ‘muscle building’, ‘bodybuilding’, ‘athletes’ or anything like that.

Everything they say and create is matched to the aspirations of their ideal client – the overweight who want to be slim.

Pick your niche and do exactly the same. Your information must speak in your clients ‘language’.

What does your target customer want to hear?

Your service, or products should be a perfect fit for them - like a ‘glass slipper’.

4. Give away your best

If you want a successful online fitness business then you had better accept the role of being a ‘publisher’ too.

This means you must start blogging.

Share your information, views, and experiences and keep it interesting and personal.

It’s important to use your skills and interests to create something great:-

Your efforts at blogging will only be rewarded if it is something you keep at consistently.

How badly do you REALLY want success?

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