5 Ways Recipes Can Maximize Client Results & Increase Your Income

5 Simple Ways Healthy Recipes Can Maximize Client Results & Increase Your Income

Being a great nutrition coach is tough.

We’ve got to constantly stay up to date with the latest scientific information, dismiss the nonsense and also stay within our legal scope of practice.

Yet we know exercise programs need to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle coaching if you are going to get the BEST results.

Basically, if your clients don’t change how they eat, even the intense exercise programs you develop for them won’t change their body composition much.

If you're coaching clients on their nutrition then you might be seeing this too...

Meal plans don't work...

Clients aren't as passionate about fitness as us...

They definitely need to make better food choices...

Sounds familiar?

That's why it's absolutely crucial that you learn the best nutrition protocols and step-by-step habits so that you can help your clients make the right changes.

So - what if there is one simple coaching resource available that means that you could do exactly this?

A resource that your clients would actually follow and look forward to receiving? A resource that enables you to help any type of client with their diet?

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

The truth is, there is ONE way to make this all happen:

Healthy Recipes.

They are the simplest yet most effective method of conveying your nutrition coaching information to your clients.

By delivering on this you will not only increase their levels of adherence to your coaching, but you will also boost your client retention rates.

Healthy recipes make this SO easy to do.

Recipes have been the key driving force behind my client acquisition and retention strategies at Exceed Nutrition for years.

Regularly publishing recipes for my blog, social media channels and clients has helped me to become fully booked as an online coach; achieve better client results; publish a book; and continue to grow my audience.

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to do exactly the same, so that you too can receive all of the benefits that delivering healthy recipes can bring to your fitness business.

Let’s now chat about the 5 simple ways that you can use healthy recipes to get better client results and grow your fitness business.

Personal Trainer and client looking at healthy recipes

1. Improved coaching for your existing clients

I’m starting with the most obvious, but very effective, way to quickly integrate healthy recipes into your business.

By providing your existing client base (whether online or offline) with nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals that can be matched to achieving their goals, they can fuel their body with the right foods at the right time.

One of the biggest challenges we face as nutrition coaches is client compliance and consistency.

But here is the problem...

It's easy for us to think that it's our clients’ fault for not sticking to the program that we’ve created for them.

They simply didn't have enough "motivation" or "dedication" to see it through.

Truth is, that's likely BS.

Many trainers don't actually know how to make a difference.

‘Making a difference’ is when the coach listens to an individual client, then puts together a plan which will enable that particular client to win.

It's therefore about showing them the "HOW" and not just telling them the "WHAT".

This helps us work with each client at whatever level they are currently at.

We, as coaches, can only do this for our clients if we give them options.

Not strict rules...

Not boring nutrition plans...

Not complicated training programmes.

Options allow your client to make small yet significant changes, one step at a time.

A lot of times we fail as coaches because we force too many changes on them too quickly.

This is single biggest problem I see with trainers helping clients with their diets.

By providing your existing clients with a range of healthy recipes that suits their eating type and goals, you are giving them options.

You are setting up your clients to WIN. 

2. Create an additional ‘paid for’ service

It’s likely that you not only want to achieve great client results, but also to grow your fitness business in the process.

We know the trainers who provide their clients with detailed recipes, alongside bespoke nutrition plans, have clients who stay with them longer... AND refer more often AND pay higher fees.

This means you can and probably should use your healthy recipes to create an additional ‘paid for’ service.

How do you do this? There are two simple models I would suggest: 

#1 The ‘do-it-yourself’ model

This is the easiest model to follow if you want to create a quick and passive form of new income from your healthy recipes.

Here you would charge your existing client base a small extra fee each month to access your healthy recipe resources on a monthly basis.

The goal with this type of upgrade is to provide your clients with a little bit more of what they need to achieve their goals in a quicker space of time.

Healthy recipes do exactly this.

Of course you would need to be consistently updating and refreshing your recipes but this also means you can charge a recurring monthly fee as a result.

The pricing for this type of extra service should be reasonable. It should be priced at a level that at least 50% of your clients will say yes to. You want lower priced services to appeal to as many people as possible.

Since you are only providing your clients with healthy recipes, this type of additional service will not require much of your time, so the price should reflect that. 

#2 The ‘done-for-you’ model

With this type of model you will likely need to spend more time on delivering the service, but your price can increase to reflect this.

For example, you could provide your clients with their monthly recipes, just like in the previous model, but you would also create a bespoke nutrition plan that is matched to their goals and to the recommended recipes.

It’s more of a complete service because of the ‘done-for-you’ elements.

If your goal is to significantly boost your income from your healthy recipes, then combining it with other resources or services at the same time will help you do this.

3. Grow your list of prospects

So far you’ve learnt how to use healthy recipes to get better client results and create additional services for them.

We can also use healthy recipes as our core marketing strategy to grow our list of prospects.

So how do you ‘grow a list of prospects’?

You build an email list.

Building a high-quality email list is the single most powerful thing you can do to grow your fitness business.

If you are just starting personal training or trying to successfully grow your existing fitness business, a quality email list is your golden ticket.

List building is something that we all need to be continuously doing as business owners.

Here’s how to do this:

Create a free Healthy Recipes eBook

By creating an eBook you will be able to significantly move your marketing tactics for your fitness business up a level.

An eBook has a number of benefits, but the two big ones that spring to mind for me, are firstly, it will create a ton of ‘know, like and trust’ with whoever reads it. You should know this is a critical factor that needs to be achieved before someone begins coaching with you.

By creating an eBook, you can build that important relationship very quickly.

The second big stand-out benefit is that it should also be used as a tool to grow that all important email list.

So ultimately, having a killer free eBook is a huge part of being able to generate quality leads.

If you get a great eBook into place, then it will not only increase your chances of someone signing up to your email list, but it will also kick-start that important relationship with the potential client.

By using your healthy recipes, you can have an eBook ready to be deployed with just a few clicks.

4. Create an online product or program

Why does it feel like every celebrity is bringing out a recipe cook book?

Because there is a huge demand and market place for healthy recipes.

Perhaps you’re not interested in becoming an Amazon best seller right now, but you would like to tap into the market place and have your slice of the profits.

To do this, you can create an online product or program.

Ideally you have a small audience already, perhaps via your email list, social media fans or website blog.

Here you will create a small digital download at a reasonable price. Significant work is needed now, as you must create that content, have it designed and packaged, plus put up a sexy looking sales page for it.

This work usually pays off, as you now have a high quality digital product that you can sell online forever. This is when you start making money while you sleep.

If you’re working in a very specific niche or marketplace within the fitness industry, then the digital product or program route could be a great idea.

Of course, your healthy recipes will be the star attraction of your digital product or online program, because that’s what people want.

5. Grow your social media following and website visitors

In this modern world, it’s essential for every trainer or coach to create a number of online assets.

Two of the most important assets you are likely to create are your website and social media platforms.

No matter what your fitness business is, a well-constructed website and social media presence will build more ‘know, like and trust’ with your prospective clients, and therefore make your fitness business more successful.

These important assets should therefore impress your potential clients, tell them more about you, your services and how to get in contact.

Every trainer and coach will benefit from having this information on the World Wide Web.

I’ve been posting healthy recipe blogs on my website and social media pages for years now, and it never stops surprising me how popular they are.

In truth, healthy recipes are my most popular online content.

They get the most likes, comments and shares on social media platforms.

They drive the highest click-through rates in emails and they quickly climb the ranks in Google search to help bring more potential clients right to my doorstep.

From a business perspective, your social media platforms and website have a sole purpose of helping you constantly publish fresh relevant information that helps people get context about you and how you can solve their problems.

Healthy recipes can help you do all of this.

By simply publishing one healthy recipe to your website blog each week, and then using your social media platforms to drive traffic to that new blog, you will see your fitness business grow.