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The 10 Best Articles to Move Your Fitness Biz Forward

Great insights often come with the benefit of hindsight. As we say goodbye to the year 2016, we look back to the most popular Exceed Nutrition posts on the blog. Hopefully you enjoy this journey and gain some ideas for your 2017 journey.

#10 How to Become Your Most Productive

The Summary: Why do we all put off big tasks or projects? It all comes down to procrastination, that finds its way into all corners of our lives, from our jobs to eating better and exercising smarter. We want to achieve great things, we want to be productive, but then we put it off, and it doesn’t happen. This 3 part training series will have you crushing procrastination and performing at your best in all areas of your life.

Why it made the list:

Successful people are productive. Improved productivity will significantly move you towards your goals quicker, or have the biggest impact on your life.

#9 Habit Coaching System for Incredible Client Results

The Summary: In this episode I teach you all the information you need to know about habitual nutrition coaching. I dive in deep about the knowledge and systems you need to help your clients get fantastic, life-changing results, by only making one small change at a time.

Why it made the list:

Having an effective nutrition and lifestyle coaching strategy that you can rely on to deliver great results for any type of client is a powerful thing. It’s going to help you and your clients get better results.

#8 How to Find Your Perfect Online Client

The summary: Many trainers THINK they know their perfect client but aren’t taking any more action on it than this.

So in this blog I show you how to transition from just having your target market in mind, to understanding and knowing every single important detail about your ideal client.

Why it made the list:

Although many personal trainers know already that they need to niche down, they still aren’t doing it successfully. Yet it’s an important step to take if you want to scale your fitness business or take it online.

#7 Planning for a Successful Online Fitness Business

The summary: In this blog I’m going to show you how to go from having dozens of different thoughts and mixed-up ideas about your online program, to narrowing down and picking the one that has the most potential and is the best fit for you and your dream clients.

Why it made the list:

The creation of the program for your online personal training business is usually one of the most challenging times, as you know it needs to be right in order for it to be a long term success.

Understanding how much information to provide, how much personal service to give and what clients really expect online, is no mean feat.

The summary: This is a very popular 3 part training series with the awesome Anna Marsh. I share with you the strategies, systems and software required to make it a success. It's the same information that enables me to charge £500 per month for my coaching. Anna Marsh also shows you how she charges £1997 for her online nutrition coaching.

Why it made the list:

Anna is a fantastic coach and business owner. She generously shares how she has quickly grown her online nutrition coaching program and how you can do the same.

#5 Social Media Success

The summary: If you truly want to get the biggest return on your social media efforts, then there’s a number of steps you must work through before you post or advertise a single thing. This 3 part training series breaks down every social media platform and how to get the best results from using it.

Why it made the list:

Social media is taking over our lives’. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with it. The problem is we know it’s a great tool for improving our fitness business.

It provides us with a platform to network with like-minded people in our industry, grow an audience and even advertise. That’s some powerful stuff right there.

macronutrient diet plan

#4 How to Create a Macronutrient Diet for Personal Training Clients

The Summary: We know the trainers who provide their clients with detailed recipes, alongside bespoke nutrition plans, have clients who stay with them longer... AND refer more often AND pay higher fees.

This blog will help you change that, and let you stand on your own two feet by knowing how to calculate your clients macronutrient needs. I'm going to break down how to create a personalised macronutrient diet plan, by focusing on some very simple and easy to follow guidelines.

Why it made the list:

The single most important thing that will result in a successful fitness business is the outcome of our clients. Making our clients nutrition personal to them is a key cornerstone to getting better results.

#3 Proven Sales & Marketing Strategies for Online Personal Trainers

The Summary: This article will take you through my most effective strategies, or 'conversion techniques' for anything that you want to sell online. Basically, I'm gonna show you how to make a shit ton of sales.

Why it makes the list:

I used to think the words sales and marketing where for big businesses, not personal trainers like me. Now I believe that these two words are essential components to any small business owner and it’s time for personal trainers to take it more seriously.

#2 Launching an Online Fitness Program – The Proven Formula

The Summary: Although launching can become and feel like a difficult and complicated task, this blog is going to keep it real. I’ll only be sharing with you the techniques and tactics that I’ve personally used with success, while removing any of the guesswork. It’s time to show your hard-work to the world – and get rewarded for it!

Why it makes the list:

This is the type of information they don’t teach in personal trainer courses or even business school. Your first ever launch essentially marks the start of your new online fitness business, or new programme or service. It’s critical you follow a proven formula for making that a success.

#1 3 Unexpected Lessons I’ve Learnt From Travelling

The Summary: This year I harnessed the freedom my online fitness business provides me and I spent 10 months travelling Europe. In this blog post I share some of biggest ‘ah-ha’ moments from when on the road.

Why it made the list:

I hear from other fitness pro’s that their goal is to travel more and see the world. Travelling and experiencing the world is also my passion, so if I can pass on any experiences to help you do the same, then that’s awesome.