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Ru Anderson founder of Exceed Nutrition.

If you're like most of the people I chat to, you've tried dieting a million times, followed workout programmes you can't stick to and watched the fads and gimmicks come and go. Am I right?

You therefore continually strive to look and feel your best. You want to change your body, improve your health and actually enjoy the process. 

You know a good diet is important but something keeps getting in the way; you're struggling to make it happen. 

What if you could:

  • Get into incredible shape without strict rules, deprivation or restriction 
  • Change your deeply-ingrained eating habits once and for all
  • Ditch the fads and gimmicks and learn a sustainable approach to eating right

Despite what you might think, there are researched and proven methods for reaching these goals. 

They aren't complicated. But you won't find them in typical nutrition blogs or books.  

My name is Ru Anderson and I'm the founder of Exceed Nutrition.

Here we research and test the methods that can truly change your body and improve your health without restrictive diets or fads. 

At Exceed Nutrition, we do things differently. 

That's why we created the High Performance Living Programmeour most complete online coaching system to help you achieve your ideal body and health

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We've also created industry leading resources and guides to help you, such as the top-rated High Performance Living Podcast, which covers popular nutrition and lifestyle topics every week. And if you don't listen to podcasts you can find the same advice over on the blog

There's also our weekly online Starting Fat Loss Workshop. Here you will learn a proven, sustainable and easy-to-begin whole food approach to fat-loss. It's all available to you right now for free. 

So that's why we are here - to help you succeed! 

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