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Revealed: The Strategy Empowering Coaches to Design Client Programs in Seconds!

Steal The Secrets Helping Top Nutrition Coaches to Maximize Their Client Compliance and consistency…

Terje Myrvold

8x Norwegian Powerlifting Champion

"I have the Coaching Program Collection, and I can honestly say it's gold—a must-have for any coach"

From: Ru Anderson

Founder of Exceed Nutrition

Are you struggling to keep clients engaged?

Are you finding it difficult to get clients to stick to your plans and maintain consistency? 

Are you overwhelmed by the time it takes to create personalized coaching programs from scratch? 

Imagine having a toolkit that simplifies all aspects of nutrition coaching, enabling you to focus more on coaching and less on backend tasks.

A Common Struggle

Thirteen years ago, I was right where you are today — totally burnt out.

I was pouring all my energy into crafting bespoke nutrition plans that just didn't work.

No matter how much effort I put in, the results were always disappointing, and it hurt to see my clients lose their motivation.

Stuck in a Vicious Cycle

I felt stuck, overwhelmed by the constant need to research, edit, and tweak programs but never seeing the transformations my clients needed.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work, you're just running in circles?

A Bold New Direction

I knew there had to be a better way…

That's when I took a bold step and created something new.

I started developing a series of science-backed, easy-to-use programs.

These programs evolved dramatically over the years, thanks to client feedback and some of the top coaches in the nutrition industry.

This collaborative approach helped me refine these programs into something truly transformative.

Transformative Results

The change was incredible. I saved countless hours of work and started seeing amazing results.

My clients became happier and healthier, telling me how these programs improved their lives… 

And word of mouth about their success helped my business grow like never before.

From Coach to Mentor

The success was so impactful that it led me to become a coach to coaches, sharing the proven strategies that have worked wonders.

Its YOUR Turn

These programs turned everything around for me, and I'm confident they can do the same for you and your clients.

Now, I want to share these SECRETS with YOU…

Introducing The

Coaching Program Collection

Boost Your Services, Save Time & Achieve Incredible Client Results
No matter what type of clients you coach, the Coaching Program Collection removes all the hassles of nutrition coaching, streamline your advice, and let you get back to doing your best work.

Here's What You Can Experience…

Eight Expert Programs

Access a diverse suite of eight ready-to-use programs, each meticulously designed and tested for effectiveness.

Save Time

Eliminate hours of program development with our comprehensive, ready-made solutions, freeing you to focus on coaching.

Enhance Client Loyalty

Boost retention with varied and proven programs that motivate and engage clients through their fitness journeys.

Diversify Your Services

Expand your portfolio effortlessly with multiple program options that cater to different client goals and fitness levels.

Maximize Revenue

Leverage these tried-and-tested programs to quickly introduce new revenue streams into your business model.

Consistent Client Success

Deliver results clients can see with science-backed programs designed to achieve measurable success and improve overall satisfaction.

6 Effective Ways You Can Profit From The Coaching Program Collection…

  • Sell as Self-Guide Digital Products: Offer individual programs as downloadable products that clients can purchase and use independently. This is ideal for self-motivated clients.
  • Chain Programs for a Comprehensive Package: Combine several programs into a sequential "Ultimate Body Transformation" package for a complete health journey, marketed as a premium service.
  • Seasonal or Themed Challenges: Create and sell access to thematic health challenges using programs, such as "Summer Shred" or "Winter Wellness," to engage groups of clients in targeted health goals.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Adapt and sell the programs to businesses as part of their corporate wellness initiatives, providing comprehensive health plans that include workshops and ongoing program support.
  • Subscription Model: Develop a subscription service where clients get access to a new program regularly, ensuring ongoing engagement and a reliable revenue stream.
  • Online Course Development: Program elements can be used to create video content for an online course, with the original program documents serving as workbooks and handouts.
  • And many more!

Trusted by over 34,000 businesses for our reliable products & excellent customer service

"More value to clients without extra work"

"Exceed nutrition products revolutionized my approach! They enabled me to provide more value to clients without extra work. Perfect for personal training, gifts, lead magnets, and social media. Their customer service is top-notch!"
—Ashley Wheeler

"Saved me weeks of work"

"These resources saved me weeks of work! They're well-organized and professionally presented, allowing me to focus on coaching rather than design or food blogging. Thank you, Team Exceed!"
—Josh Bradley-Viso

"True to its promise, offering abundant resources"

"As an integrative nutritionist in Sydney, I recently discovered Exceed Nutrition and was initially skeptical. But, upon taking the plunge, I found it to be true to its promise, offering abundant resources. My patients adore it! Thank you, Ru & the team!"
—Christine Tadros

"My clients love them!"

"Exceed's products are well-designed, professional, and user-friendly. My clients love them, and I've adapted them for various uses. Their customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended!"
—Zack Maharaj

Here's EVERYTHING you get with
the Coaching Program Collection…

#1 The Starting Fat-Loss Program

The Starting Fat-Loss Program jumpstarts fat loss and boosts overall health. It focuses on creating a daily calorie deficit through food logging and calorie control, ideal for clients seeking a sustainable approach to fat loss.

  • Easily manage calorie intake, ensuring sustained progress without overwhelming clients.
  • Follow a proven method for long-term fat loss and improved health.
  • Tailor the program to individual needs, fostering steady results while accommodating busy lifestyles.

#2 The Habit Transformation Program

The Habit Transformation Program emphasizes the importance of habits for a healthy, lean body. It focuses on essential nutrition and lifestyle habits without complex plans or calorie counting. Suitable for beginners and developing clients, the program covers the basics before customization, even for advanced clients.

  • Guide your clients through changing eating and lifestyle habits, one step at a time.
  • Foster a deep understanding of how habits impact a healthy, lean body.
  • Complete 11 habit challenges over 22 weeks for comprehensive transformation.

#3 The Lean Muscle Program

Boost muscle, strength, and power effectively. This program guides your clients in creating a daily calorie surplus through controlled food logging, ideal for both men and women seeking tangible results. Suitable for intermediate to advanced clients looking to achieve optimal muscle growth.

  • Help your clients build muscle, improve strength, and boost their power.
  • Ideal for both men and women seeking an effective strength and muscle-building program.
  • Achieve results even with your most challenging 'hard-gainer' clients.

#4 The Body Nourish Program

This 30-day program enhances health with weekly cooking, snack prep, and green smoothies. Ideal for any clients looking to cut caffeine, sugar, and processed foods, it focuses on sustainable whole foods habits rather than fat loss. Your clients can complete the program in four weeks to see visible health improvements and establish a balanced, ongoing diet.

  • Boost your clients' energy and vitality with our whole food, fad-free approach.
  • Ideal for anyone needing a break from caffeine, sugar, and processed foods.
  • Includes delicious recipes, essential food knowledge, and tips for a sustained whole-foods lifestyle.

#5 The Supreme Gut Program

This six-week program targets food intolerances that affect digestion and hormones, using an elimination diet to remove high FODMAP foods. Ideal for advanced clients seeking to enhance digestive health and overall vitality. Your clients should transition to a less restrictive maintenance diet after completion, with evaluations recommended before and after to personalize and measure results.

  • Enhance your client's digestive health to ensure their best health yet.
  • This program uses a controlled elimination diet to remove common food intolerances.
  • Expect improvements in your client's well-being, vitality, and energy levels.

#6 The Metabolic Reboot Program

This innovative program reshapes dieting by focusing on metabolic balance first, then reducing calories, and finally, targeting weight loss. It is ideal for clients frustrated by conventional "eat less, exercise more" methods and symptoms like fatigue and hunger. It is also suitable for those disappointed by fad diets or ineffective traditional approaches. It is recommended for clients needing a new strategy after typical weight loss plans fail.

  • This program offers an alternative diet approach to help your clients get healthy and in shape.
  • Ideal for clients who aren't seeing results, even though they're under eating and exercising hard.
  • Use this program when traditional weight loss methods have failed.

#7 The Final Fast Loss Program

This program guides clients to lower body fat healthily, focusing on daily calorie control and food logging. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced clients experienced in weight training. After completion, clients can follow up with the Metabolic Reboot Program for outstanding results.

  • Elevate your clients with this ultimate fat-loss program.
  • Ideal for advanced clients aiming to optimize their body fat percentage.
  • Choose this program for clients with specific fitness or sports goals.

#8 The Menopause Power Program

This 12-week holistic program supports coaches in helping clients navigate menopause, a phase that significantly impacts health. It combines expert guidance with strategic advice and customized strength training. The program equips coaches to confidently support and educate clients, debunking common myths and offering practical strategies.

  • Focus on nutrition with Mediterranean and high-fiber foods to boost vitality.
  • Emphasize self-care habits for wellness using habit tracker checklists.
  • The program features a comprehensive strength training plan to preserve muscle mass and metabolism during menopause.

But WAIT! There's more…

The Complete Private Label Rights!

This allows you to claim (as your own) the Coaching Program Collection: brand, sell, and keep 100% of the profits.

  • Reliable for the long term: Use these resources repeatedly without needing new strategies.
  • Fully customizable: Adapt content to perfectly fit your brand and audience.
  • Versatile: Ideal for creating new products or personal and professional development.

Brand as your own!

  • Seamless Integration: Easily merge programs into your materials using Canva, ensuring a consistent brand experience.
  • Customizable Branding: Personalize everything with your logo and colors in Canva, enhancing your brand identity.
  • Time-Saving and User-Friendly: Quickly customize programs with Canva's familiar tools, saving time and enhancing professionalism.

Watch the video:

Discover how the Coaching Program Collection boosts client results & your business

Risk-free satisfaction
with my double guarantee

Double the protection and peace of mind: Buy confidently, knowing you're covered twice over.

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

100% Risk Free With Our No Questions Asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk Free

Lifetime Warranty

Risk free

Lifetime Content Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're covered, with all future updates provided at no extra cost.

But That's Not All —
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BONUS 3 Killer Bodyweight Workout Programs

  • Help your clients train at home with intense workouts that are easy to scale.
  • Minimal equipment for training anytime, anywhere.
  • Workout programs created by certified Personal Trainer and kettlebell advanced fitness coach.

BONUS 5 Epic Coaching Guides

  • Welcome pack Introduction, plus the entire Exceed Nutrition method in one neat Coaching Program Collection Playbook.
  • Upgrade your business with the Habit Coaching 101 guide.
  • Expand your coaching with the Metabolic Reboot Quick-Start guide and Eat Real Food introduction

BONUS Support & Mastermind Community

  • Learn valuable coaching tips and strategies from our supportive community.
  • Connect with professionals in our exclusive community to enhance your business and client success.
  • Keep up with the latest nutrition trends and research through our community updates.

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Let's Recap Everything
You Get Today When You Buy
The Coaching Program Collection

  • The Starting Fat-Loss Program ($97 Value)
  • The Habit Transformation Program ($97 Value)
  • The Lean Muscle Program ($97 Value)
  • The Body Nourish Program ($97 Value)
  • The Supreme Gut Program ($97 Value)
  • The Metabolic Reboot Program ($97 Value) 
  • The Final Fast Loss Program ($97 Value)
  • The Menopause Power Program ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: 'Action Taker' Discount On Normal Price! 
  • BONUS: 3 Killer Bodyweight Workout Programs 
  • BONUS: 5 Epic Coaching Guides 
  • BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Lifetime Updates Content Warranty 
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License

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Find out why our customers consider us a game-changer

"I’m thrilled with the nutrition content"

"I’m thrilled with the nutrition content from Exceed! They are incredibly detailed and easy to understand for clients and coaches alike. Thank you for creating these!" 

—Ashley Kiefer

"Easy-to-edit docs with valuable knowledge"

"I'm grateful for Exceed Nutrition and recommend them to all health, fitness, and wellness coaches. They've saved me time by providing professionally designed, easy-to-edit documents with valuable knowledge. Thanks, Team Exceed!"

—Anita Vandeneykel Schmitt

"Customer support is impressive"

"Exceed is an incredible platform that streamlines online training for me. The responsive and helpful customer support is impressive. If you're a trainer seeking branded nutrition solutions, Exceed is a must!"

—Chadwick J Bosch

"Top-notch customer service is exceptional"

"Exceed Nutrition offers invaluable resources packed with practical information presented professionally. Their top-notch customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended!"

—Miguel Bran

"These fantastic products are the backbone of my business"

"Highly recommended! These fantastic products are the backbone of my business, coupled with exceptional customer service - prompt and friendly."

—Jennie Edmondson


"We've been using Exceed Nutrition for years, and it's been a game-changer. Highly recommended!"

—Philip Robertson

Who Are We?

At Exceed Nutrition LTD, our mission is clear: to empower nutrition professionals like you!

Our global team, with over 40 years of combined experience, includes certified nutrition and fitness coaches, designers, recipe creators, and food photographers. We simplify nutrition coaching by providing ready-made resources and customization options, allowing you to focus on what you do best—helping clients achieve their health goals. Welcome to a simpler, more effective way of coaching.

Just In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here Are some Commonly Asked Questions!

How effective are these pre-made programs?

Our programs are developed with direct input from fitness professionals and tested in real-world scenarios to ensure they deliver results. They're continually updated to reflect the latest in nutrition and fitness research.

Can I customize these programs to fit individual client needs?

Absolutely! Each program is designed to be adaptable. You can modify them to cater to the specific health goals, preferences, and fitness levels of your clients.

What software do I need to use to customize these programs?

Our programs are designed for ease of use with Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool. You can access and customize all program materials directly in Canva, making it simple to tailor them to your needs without any complex software requirements.

What makes this coaching program collection good value for money?

By investing in our collection, you save significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent on creating and testing programs from scratch. Additionally, our comprehensive support materials and training enhance your coaching effectiveness and client satisfaction.

What technical skills do I need to use these programs effectively?

Our programs are user-friendly with straightforward tools and resources. No advanced technical skills are required, and we provide detailed guides to help you implement the programs smoothly.

What is your guarantee if the programs do not meet my expectations?

We stand behind our programs with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not seeing the results or satisfaction you expected, contact us within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Here’s Why You Need To Act Today!

Our Coaching Program Collection has a history for changing our clients bodies and health.

How would you like to get results like this?

Our complete Coaching Program Collection shows you the exact methodologies we've tested, refined and proven with hundreds of our own coaching clients.

If you’re still reading, my guess is that you know this is the way to take your business to a new level...  

Both in terms of revenue...  

And in your visibility and authority in your market.  

So trust your gut and the results others have gotten, and check it out for yourself.

Just imagine this scenario:

  • You have high-quality content in just minutes…
  • You quickly jump in and customize any of the material…
  • You launch the content for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch…
  • You have everything you need to promote your content and attract clients…
  • Your content continues to sell, taking your business to that next level...without any extra work on your part...

Don’t wait until next week, next month, next year.

Don’t sit on your goals and ambitions.

Get the resource poised to be every coach’s best-kept secret.

Don't Miss Out!
Coach Confidently With Programs Clients Love!

  • The Starting Fat-Loss Program ($97 Value)
  • The Habit Transformation Program ($97 Value)
  • The Lean Muscle Program ($97 Value)
  • The Body Nourish Program ($97 Value)
  • The Supreme Gut Program ($97 Value)
  • The Metabolic Reboot Program ($97 Value) 
  • The Final Fast Loss Program ($97 Value)
  • The Menopause Power Program ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: 'Action Taker' Discount On Normal Price!
  • BONUS: 3 Killer Bodyweight Workout Programs
  • BONUS: 5 Epic Coaching Guides
  • BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Updates Content Warranty
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License

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Normal Price: $776.00

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