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Obtain Unbelievable Client Results To
Amplify Your Business

Boost adherence, raise retention, and swiftly achieve life-changing outcomes with any client.

Liz Loizou-Smith

Fitness Professional

After purchasing the Coaching Program Collection my business has grown significantly, so much that my partner and I have been able to add on 6 new coaches to our team!

Nutrition Coaching?
Here's where most of us get stuck.

It's easy for us to think that it's our client's fault for not sticking to a program.

They don't have enough "motivation" or "dedication" to see it through.
The thing is, that's likely, NOT true.

I quickly discovered that by boosting client adherence, I not only got better results, but I increased my retention rates too.

Yet as I got busier with more clients and my existing clients didn't want to leave, I was the one left feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 

I quickly felt swamped by everything I had to do to support my clients, like program creation, progress charting, and feedback collection.

That's when I decided to create a more automated and systemized process for my programming.

I've spent over ten years developing, testing and optimizing the most complete, proven, and easy-to-use programs for any client I've worked with.

They enable me to quickly deliver high-quality nutrition coaching to every client regardless of what else is going on... in my life or my clients. 

They take the time and frustration out of program creation while still ensuring personalized and bespoke service.

I've only included the evidence-based strategies that have proven time and time again to get results.

It's never been easier to deliver my nutrition coaching in a clear & actionable way to keep my clients on track and motivated.

They do all of the heavy lifting for me because my clients and I have to stick to the proven strategies and templates in the programs.

The best part? 

You can now use the same programs we've tested, refined, and proven in your business with your clients.

So, if you...

  • Want a complete, done-for-you nutrition coaching strategy for any client,
  • Want to offer the highest quality coaching and resources to support your clients,
  • Want to remove all the frustration from writing bespoke programs,
  • Want to save a ton of creation and research time...
  • ...then, the Coaching Program Collection is right for you.

The Coaching Program Collection

Here’s what you can expect

We've spent over eight years developing, testing and optimising the most complete, proven and easy-to-use programs for achieving incredible client results through effective nutrition coaching strategies.

Boost Client Adherence

Use these done-for-you programs to deliver your nutrition coaching in a clear & actionable way, so that you keep clients on track and motivated.

Get Unbelievable Client Results

Apply these proven and repeatable nutrition coaching strategies to deliver incredible results for every type of client you can expect to work with... even for the toughest of clients.

Save Massive Amounts of Time

Helping your clients with their nutrition can be difficult and time consuming. These programs will make it feel effortless as we've done all the creation for you.

Build Your Brand

You can change every program and resource to any way so that it fits your business. Add your logo, change the text, change the colors or font and claim them as your own.

Increase Your Income

Use these programs to quickly add a new and highly profitable revenue stream to your existing online or offline coaching services.

Grow Your Confidence

No more struggling how to streamline your nutrition coaching advice and no more worrying about if you're doing a good job or not.

Perfect For Any Client

Brand As Your Own

Add your logo, change the text, colors, and font and claim them as your own.


Instantly Download It

Download the white-label pack. Delivered in .zip, digital format for instant access.


Easily Customize It

Use simple software, that you already own, to add your logo, brand colors, and contact information.


Easily Launch It

Export as PDF and send to clients. You'll see instant return on investment and happy clients.

What Others Are Saying

Liz Loizou-Smith

Personal Trainer

When I started my coaching business I had a lot of unorganised information I was giving to clients. After purchasing the Coaching Program Collection I was able to add these to my on boarding process for my clients. Since then, my business has grown significantly, so much that my partner and I have been able to add on 6 new coaches to our team. This is bringing my business so much value.

Clinton Sills

Body Transformation Expert

Hit my first $10K month in a gym which has only opened for 13 weeks and have taken all this confidence, not just with my knowledge, but trusting the systems I have set in place. The big thing so far is having the Coaching Program Collection which has made everything easier for me and makes my clients feel awesome about the journey.

Becky White

Group Exercise Instructor

This has given me new ideas to help clients with their nutrition and as a result they are making better progress towards their goals. It is well worth the investment to improve your coaching and help your clients to achieve their goals, meaning they will stay longer or recommend their friends and you generate a great return on investment.

James Dilley

Personal Trainer

I previously had no idea where to begin with respect to designing my own examples. The Collection has broadened my thinking as to which programme suits what type of person best, simultaneously clarifying my own thoughts and giving me a solid direction from which to apply my efforts.

Becki Morris

Health Coach

Can honestly say I am really glad I have invested money and time into the programs, I feel so much more confident with nutrition advice and it is really helping me expand my business. I can't thank you enough.

Lee Morrison

Personal Trainer

It is helping me develop my own knowledge and also helping me deliver a better coaching service. This is all the stuff you wish you were told during your PT certification. Can you afford NOT to invest in your own personal development and the future success of your business?

Get These Epic Programs!

Swiftly Achieve Life-Changing Outcomes

Every program is not only unique, but has been designed from the ground-up, based on the the latest scientific information and feedback from thousands of clients.

The Starting Fat-Loss Program

  • Achieve quick, healthy and sustainable fat-loss results to improve your clients body composition.
  • Creates a daily calorie deficit for your client, so the focus is on food-logging and calorie control.
  • Help your clients to kick-start their fat loss efforts while improving their health at the same time.

Value $97

The Habit Transformation Program

  • A step-by-step system to helping your clients change their eating & lifestyle habits one at a time.
  • Helps your clients truly understand how important their habits are to achieving a healthy and lean body.
  • A total of 11 habit challenges available in this program, giving a total duration of 22 weeks.

Value $97

The Lean Muscle Program

  • Designed to help your clients to build muscle, improve strength and increase their power.
  • Ideal for males and females who would like a dedicated strength and muscle building program that works.
  • Get results with even your most challenging 'hard-gainer' clients.

Value $97

The Eat Real Food Program

  • Use this whole food, fad-free approach to boosting your clients energy and vitality.
  • Perfect for clients who would like to give their body a short break from caffeine, sugar and processed foods.
  • Includes delicious recipes, invaluable food knowledge, and tips to continuing a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle.

Value $97

The Advanced Bulletproof Gut Program

  • Improve your clients digestive system to ensure they are the healthiest they have ever been.
  • Uses an elimination diet which is a controlled eating plan that removes typical food intolerance.
  • Will improve your clients well-being, vitality and energy levels.

Value $97

The Metabolic Reboot Program

  • Designed to provide your clients with an alternative 'diet' to getting them in shape and healthy.
  • Perfect for clients not seeing the results they expect despite under eating and exercising hard.
  • When traditional methods of losing weight are no longer working, this is the program to use.

Value $97

The Final Fat Loss Program

  • Take your clients to the next level with this ultimate fat loss addition.
  • Perfect for advanced clients looking to optimise their body fat percentage.
  • When clients come to you with specific fitness or sport goals, this is the program to use.

Value $97

Even More Features

Easy Tools to Amplify Your Business

You’ll have everything to expand your coaching and get better results for your clients.

Calorie & Macronutrient Guides

  • Let your clients personalise their nutrition to their exact goals.
  • Calculate (to the exact calorie) what your clients need to do to ensure they reach their goals - with the latest formulas.
  • Create tailored nutrition recommendations that's delivered in a clear and actionable way.

Value $399

7-Day Meal Plans

  • Show clients how to create great tasting meals with a ton of variety.
  • Designed specifically to match the primary goal of the program.
  • Boost your client adherence by helping them create great tasting and easy meals.

Value $47

Supplement Guides

  • Recommend the right supplements that are proven to work.
  • Become fully competent in your recommendations for even the toughest of clients.
  • Feel totally confident that you are following the latest research and guidelines.

Value $47

Nutrition & Training Planners

  • Let your clients plan their nutrition & training based on their schedule.
  • Tried and tested templates that remove all of the guesswork for your clients.
  • Provide invaluable guidance so that you can be confident your clients are on the right track to success.

Value $47

Progress Diaries

  • Support your clients better by tracking their progress with easy-to-use templates.
  • Keep clients focused and motivated so that they finally stick to your advice.
  • Instantly provide your clients with all the resources they need and save yourself a ton of creation time.

Value $47

Workout Programs

  • Boost client results with effective training programs matched to their goals.
  • Add value to your service by offering a complete nutrition and training package to your clients.
  • Periodised programs to ensure your client's make weekly progress. 

Value $47

Professional, High-quality Recipes

  • Totally unbranded and customizable so that you can make them your own (100% white label).
  • Includes imperial and metric measurement systems.
  • Matched to the program nutrition plans to make client food prep and cooking even easier.

Value $497

Detailed Nutritional Information

  • Provide clients detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe (Plus MyFitnessPal barcodes).
  • Match the best recipes to your clients wants and preferences.
  • Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian.

Value $97

Premium Feature

Recipe Pack Collection

  • Get access to over 240 'done-for-you' detailed recipes; including breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, snacks and dinners.

Value $997

Exclusive Bonuses Today Only!

But that's not all, I want to send you...

Get instant access to three bonuses with nine resources to help you attract more visitors and increase your conversion, so you turn more of those visitors into clients and expand your business.


Visual Marketing Mockup Kit

  • Easily creator product mockups to sell your programs.
  • Build professional images for your website, social media, sales page, and ads.
  • Use software you already have to own the rights 100%.

Value $97


Three Killer Bodyweight Workout Programs

  • Help your clients train at home with intense works that are easy to scale.
  • Minimal equipment for training anytime, anywhere.
  • Workout programs created by certified Personal Trainer and kettlebell advanced fitness coach. 

Value $297


Five Epic Guides

  • Welcome pack Introduction, plus the entire Exceed Nutrition method in one neat Coaching Program Collection Playbook.
  • Upgrade your business with the Habit Coaching 101 guide.
  • Expand your coaching with the Metabolic Reboot Quick-Start guide and Eat Real Food introduction

Value $399

our lowest price ever!

Brand in Seconds. Sell Forever.



All programs to amplify your business.






  • All 7 Programs
  • Fully Brandable
  • Fully Customizable
  • Bonus Guides
  • 240+ Recipes

New Customers are protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

*New customers of Exceed Nutrition are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. The 30 day money back guarantee only applies to your first ever product purchase (includes subscriptions) and cannot be used more than once. See here for full terms.

Have Questions?

Can I easily add my logo to the programs?

Yes, no matter what package you decide on, you can easily brand and customize the programs and recipes.

We have "ready to print" formats as well as simple text only formats that you easily edit yourself, add your own logos or just copy and paste into other coaching software. You can change them to any way so that it fits your business. Change the text, change the colors or font and claim them as your own. 

How does the professional design service work?

#1. You order & pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

#2. You will be sent an email with confirmation and our design questionnaire.

#3. You fill out the design questionnaire and submit with any additional briefs.

#4. Once we are clear on the brief we begin the 1-2 week design process.

#5. Within the first week we send you the programs design for your feedback or approval.

#6. We make unlimited design revisions as per your instructions until approved (as long as the revisions are in-line with the original brief).

#7. Once you have approved the design we will get to work and complete the design for every purchase you made. Everything will be personally designed, including your marketing booster packs!

#8. We will email you a downloadable link to access your final Coaching Program Collection.

Can I download the programs instantly?

Yes, after purchasing you will be taken to our private members area where you can instantly download all of your programs plus any associated bonuses. You will also receive an email with a link to access this membership area too. 

How long do I have access to the downloads?

Your unique download link will be sent to you via email within 30 minutes upon purchasing. You then have LIFETIME access to the members-only website. This means you get access to all future updates or additions to the Programs.

Do you offer a refund?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we offer a 30-day refund period for new customer purchases. In the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 30 days of enrollment, contact our support team at and let us know you’d like a refund by the 30th day at 11:59 GMT. 

The 30 day refund gurantee only applies to your first purchase (includes subscriptions) and cannot be used more than once

Once outside of the new members 30-day money-back guarantee,  we do not issue refunds under any circumstances.


For full terms see here

What formats do the programs come in?

After you purchase the programs you will be able to download them in Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx) and Keynote for Mac. They will be delivered via a compressed ZIP file that you will need to extract upon downloading.

Do I need to pay any other fees or subscriptions?

Absolutely not. The price is as shown and does not include any hidden fees or long-term subscription charges. The one time payment option and payment plan gives you full instant access to the complete collection.

What can I and cannot do with the programs?

You can use your coaching collection almost anywhere that you normally publish and sell content, including editing it and adding your name or brand.

However you can NOT give anyone the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights. In other words, you can NOT give other people the ability to edit or alter the content e.g. sell them to other coaches.

See full terms for more.

Who are we?

We're on a mission to make high-quality nutrition and coaching info simple and accessible to everyone.

Transform your coaching practice using our done-for-you resources - so that you can create more profound transformations for all of your clients. Our tried and tested white-label tools break down healthy eating in practical, accessible ways to guarantee clients create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that last forever.

Here’s Why You Need To Act Today!

Our Coaching Program Collection has a history for changing our clients bodies and health.

How would you like to get results like this?

Our complete Coaching Program Collection shows you the exact methodologies we've tested, refined and proven with hundreds of our own coaching clients.

If you’re still reading, my guess is that you know this is the way to take your business to a new level...  
Both in terms of revenue...  
And in your visibility and authority in your market.  
So trust your gut and the results others have gotten, and check it out for yourself.

Just imagine this scenario:

  • You have high-quality content in just minutes…
  • You quickly jump in and customize any of the material…
  • You launch the content for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch…
  • You have everything you need to promote your content and attract clients…
  • Your content continues to sell, taking your business to that next level...without any extra work on your part...

Don’t wait until next week, next month, next year.
Don’t sit on your goals and ambitions.
Get the resource poised to be every coach’s best-kept secret.


Coach confidently
with programs clients love



All programs to amplify your business.






  • All 7 Programs
  • Fully Brandable
  • Fully Customizable
  • Bonus Guides
  • 240+ Recipes