Get incredible results.

Excel your fitness career.

A complete coaching program collection that increases your client adherence, boosts retention rates and quickly achieves life-changing results, with any type of client.
I've spent over 5 years developing, testing & optimising the most complete, proven and easy-to-use programs for achieving incredible client results through effective nutrition coaching strategies.

Use these done-for-you programs to deliver your nutrition coaching in a clear & actionable way, so that you keep clients on track and motivated.


Apply these proven and repeatable nutrition coaching strategies to deliver incredible results for every type of client you can expect to work with... even for the toughest of clients.


Helping your clients with their nutrition can be difficult and time consuming. These programs will make it feel effortless as I've done all the testing and creation for you. 


We have "ready to print" formats as well as simple text only formats that you easily edit yourself, add your own logos or just copy and paste into other coaching software. You can change them to any way so that it fits your business. Change the text, change the colors or font and claim them as your own. 


Use these proven programs to quickly add a new and highly profitable revenue stream to your existing online or offline personal training services. 

Introducing the Exceed Nutrition Coaching Program Collection

Take the time and frustration out of writing programs and get incredible client results, by using these proven & unbranded client templates.
The Starting Fat-Loss Program

Duration: 4-12 weeks

Achieve quick, healthy and sustainable fat-loss results to improve your clients body composition.

The Lean Muscle Program

Duration: 4-12 weeks

Build lean muscle and strength with even your most challenging 'hard-gainer' clients. 

The Bulletproof Gut Program

Duration: 6 weeks

Improve your clients digestive system to ensure they are the healthiest they have ever been. 

The Habit Transformation Program

Duration: 2-24 weeks

A step-by-step system to helping your clients change their eating & lifestyle habits one at a time. 

The Real Detox Program

Duration: 4 weeks

Use this whole food, fad-free approach to boosting your clients energy and vitality. 

The Metabolic Repair Program

Duration: 8 weeks

Use this alternative 'diet' to get those difficult clients into shape and feeling healthy once again. 

What's included in the Program Collection

Calorie & Macronutrient Guides

  • Let your clients personalise their nutrition to their exact goals
  • Calculate (to the exact calorie) what your clients need to do to ensure they reach their goals - with the latest formulas
  • Create tailored nutrition recommendations that's delivered in a clear and actionable way 

7-day Meal Plans

  • Show clients how to create great tasting meals with a ton of variety
  • Designed specifically to match the primary goal of the program 
  • Boost your client adherence by helping them create great tasting and easy meals 

Supplement Guides

  • Recommend the right supplements that are proven to work 
  • Become fully competent in your recommendations for even the toughest of clients
  • Feel totally confident that you are following the latest research and guidelines 

Nutrition & Training Planners 

  • Let your clients plan their nutrition & training based on their schedule
  • Tried and tested templates that remove all of the guesswork for your clients 
  • Provide invaluable guidance so that you can be confident your clients are on the right track to success 

Workout Programs

  • Boost client results with effective training programs matched to their goals
  • Add value to your service by offering a complete nutrition and training package to your clients
  • Periodized programs to ensure your client's make weekly progress

Progress Diaries 

  • Support your clients better by tracking their progress with easy-to-use templates
  • Keep clients focused and motivated so that they finally stick to your advice
  • Instantly provide your clients with all the resources they need and save yourself a ton of creation time

Increase client lifetime value by continually updating and refreshing the plans with tasty, nutritious recipes.

Get access to 100 'done-for-you' detailed recipes; including breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, snacks and dinners.

What's included in the Recipe Packs

Detailed Nutritional Information 

  • Provide your clients detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe
  • Match the best recipes to your clients wants and preferences
  • Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian  

Professional, High-Quality Recipes

  • Totally unbranded and customizable so that you can make them your own
  • Includes US and UK metric systems 
  • Matched to the program nutrition plans to make client food prep and cooking even easier 


Get your Coaching Program Collection today. Limited Collections Available. 

Single Program

As low as $99

  • 1 Program of choice 

Program Collection

Normally $594

For limited time only $297

3 Monthly Payments of $99

  • All 6 programs

Pay in full

Elite Collection

Normally $794

For limited time only $497

5 Monthly Payments of $99

  • All 6 programs
  • All 100 recipes

Pay in full

Our Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't believe the Coaching Programs are right for you or they can't excel your coaching or business, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

We're so confident that you'll find the Programs useful that you have 30 days to change your mind. We won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss.

What Other Fitness Professionals are Saying about the Program Collection...


Hit my first 10K month in a gym which has only opened for 13 weeks and have taken all this confidence, not just with my knowledge, but trusting the systems I have set in place. The big thing so far is having the programming templates that have made everything easier for me and makes my clients feel awesome about the journey.

Clinton Sills Personal Trainer

This has given me new ideas to help clients with their nutrition and as a result they are making better progress towards their goals. It is well worth the investment to improve your coaching and help your clients to achieve their goals, meaning they will stay longer or recommend their friends and you generate a great return on investment.

Becky White

I previously had no idea where to begin with respect to designing my own examples. The Collection has broadened my thinking as to which programme suits what type of person best, simultaneously clarifying my own thoughts and giving me a solid direction from which to apply my efforts.

James Dilley

Can honestly say I am really glad I have invested money and time into the programs, I feel so much more confident with nutrition advice and it is really helping me expand my business. I can't thank you enough.

Becki Morris

It is helping me develop my own knowledge and also helping me deliver a better coaching service. This is all the stuff you wish you were told during your PT certification. Can you afford NOT to invest in your own personal development and the future success of your business?

Lee Morrison
Get Better Client Results

At Exceed Nutrition we help our client's look, feel and perform their best with the High Performance Living Coaching Program. Our online nutrition and exercise program has a proven history for changing our client's bodies and health. That's because at Exceed Nutrition we do things differently; we only apply 'road-tested', evidence-based, real-world proven strategies.

How would you like to get results like this? Our complete Coaching Program Collection will show you the exact methodologies we've tested, refined and proven with hundreds of our own coaching clients. 

Are These Programs Right for You?

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in the perfect position to benefit from the Coaching Program Collection and to boost your client adherence and results instantly. 


  • You want a complete, done-for-you coaching strategy for any type of client 
  • You want to remove all the frustration from program writing
  • You want to boost client adherence and consistency 
  • You want to save a ton of creation and research time 

As an Added Bonus if you Purchase Now, You'll Also Get Access to:


Digital Progress Diaries

These digital progress diaries have been designed to enable your clients to complete every document and coaching resource on their own laptops or devices. Perfect for online coaches and trainers.




The Final Fat-Loss Program

This fat-loss program is for client's who want to achieve the leanest physique possible and contains advanced recommendations and programming for nutrition, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle. Not for beginners. 

Check out this Quick Tour of the Program Features

As you can see, every program is fully customizable with professionally designed templates. They are your one-stop shop for high-quality nutrition & lifestyle coaching. 

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Get Your Program Collection Today 

Limited Collections Available.

Single Program

As low as $99

  • 1 Program of choice 

Program Collection

Normally $594

For limited time only $297

3 Monthly Payments of $99

  • All 6 programs

Pay in full

Elite Collection

Normally $794

For limited time only $497

5 Monthly Payments of $99

  • All 6 programs
  • All 100 recipes

Pay in full


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I easily add my logo to the programs?

Can I download the programs instantly?

How long do I have access to the downloads?

Do I need to create anything?

How can I get a refund?

What formats do the programs come in?

Can I use these for online personal training? 

Is this different to your nutrition course? 

Don't Miss Out

Take the time and frustration out of writing programs and get incredible client results.

As a trainer, you know you should be providing your clients with high-quality programs and resources. The problem is, you simply can't find the time to create them.   

Lets face it, most trainers don't get around to writing complete programs, and those that do struggle to keep a steady schedule. Or maybe you want to create programs for you clients but you simply aren't confident enough to do so. 

That's why I created the Exceed Nutrition Program Collection. My "done for you" programs are designed to take away the time and frustration needed to write programs, while delivering high-quality coaching to your clients. They contain 'road-tested', evidence-based, real-world proven strategies that are simple enough for the Average Joe to understand. No need to worry about your writing style, formatting or spelling. You can even brand them as your own! 

Get instant access to the Program Collection today, so whatever type of client you work with, you've got a proven coaching strategy ready to be deployed.