HPL Success Story – Ditching the Crash Diets with Arron Green

HPL Success Story – Ditching the Crash Diets with Arron Green

Many of us can relate to crash dieting and losing a lot of weight quickly.

At first the promising claims of quick success are too hard to resist, and we dive into the programme.

The weekly weigh-in confirms that you are indeed losing weight, and fast.

Very soon however, you notice that a lot more is happening to your body then just weight loss. You now have no energy, reduced concentration, lack of libido, huge cravings and may even gradually hate the world and everyone in it.

You decide that this crash diet has to stop, so you give up. Yet you haven’t quite reached your goals yet and have no ‘back-up’ plan to follow.

Within a few weeks you’re back to eating exactly how you did before the diet, yet now you’re gaining weight at a much faster pace. All your hard work is soon undone, and you’re gaining even more body fat then you previously had.

These are exactly the problems one of our HPL member, Arron, experienced before joining us. He said “after crash dieting and losing 6 stone in 7 months, I had lots of bad habits, my metabolism was a mess and I had a terrible relationship with food”.

Left: Arron before starting the HPL Programme. Right: Arron after 12 weeks on the HPL Coaching Programme.

When Arron joined the HPL coaching programme he was still drastically undereating, which was confirmed by a 3 day food log using MyFitnessPal.

Arron's food log.

On average, Arron was consuming around 1600 calories a day, and at 97kg this was too little to support either his lifestyle or his goals.

That’s when we decided to increase his calories, which would ensure he is eating ample amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. This was conducted in a progressive and calculated manner, to ensure no ‘rebound’ would happen, such as sudden weight gain or bloating.

During this process Arron said “I am gaining more muscle, and losing fat almost weekly. So unlike with crash dieting and then putting it all back on, I am able to take slow steady steps towards my target weight, which is the right way."

Arron's new target calorie and macronutrient goals.

In order for Arron to see this success, food logging was an important part of getting it right. Arron says “being able to see how much you’re eating is the number one thing in my eyes that helps you, as it’s so simple – eat too much and you will get fat. How much are you eating? Log it to find out…simple.”

Arron also relied on our HPL community to help him make the right changes. One such change was learning how to cook great tasting and healthy food. There’s a common misunderstanding that healthy eating for fat loss is all about bland and tasteless meals. We stop eating the foods we enjoy, place restriction on certain food groups and generally hate the entire process.

Arron turned to our coaching community to discover a whole new way of eating healthy food. He said “the community is like google, but without all the crap. It’s the info you really need, and when you need it, without all the rubbish. I don’t think I have ever waited more than 24 hours for a reply to a question and that reply would be exactly what I needed”.

Arron's healthy protein loaf and brownie.

One of the major challenges people face when losing weight fast is the mental battle with their measurements. When crash dieting you get a quick, yet unsustainable, drop in weight. Yet when following a healthy and long-term approach like Arron did, there can be greater fluctuations on a weekly basis.

It’s important to accept that this is how true ‘fat-loss’ really works. With crash diets you are also losing ‘weight’ which includes water and lean muscle mass. That should never be the goal, we want fat-loss.

So when doing it the right way, some weeks your weight will decrease, yet some weeks it could increase. That’s perfectly fine. When you track this over time, there will be a linear decrease.

Arron's 4 month weight loss chart.

Arron says “with the community around you it’s easier, but you have to be ready. Make sure your head is in the game, make sure you want help before asking for it. HPL is a choice, make the choice and you get the rewards. If you’re ready, the HPL provides a place of education and helps you towards a leaner and healthier you. HPL has changed the way I think about food, forever.”

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