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Ashley Wheeler

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

"The versatile recipe packs are perfect! They enabled me to provide more value to clients without extra work!"

From: Ru Anderson

Founder of Exceed Nutrition

Are you missing out on the massive $43.65 billion gluten-free market?

"Gluten-Free market is expected to reach $43.65 billion by 2027"

(Source: Allied Market Research)

The gluten-free products market is expected to reach $43.65 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 9.2% from 2020 to 2027, indicating the increasing demand for gluten-free food options.

Are you struggling to effectively support gluten-free clients and grow your business

If so, then you know that finding reliable, delicious, and easy-to-follow gluten-free recipes can be time-consuming and frustrating.

"35% of US consumers eating gluten-free foods — perceived as healthier"

(Source: The Hartman Group)

In a survey conducted by the Hartman Group, approximately 35% of US consumers reported eating gluten-free foods because they perceive them to be healthier, demonstrating the popularity of gluten-free diets even among those without a medical need.

But what if there was a solution that allowed you to offer your clients mouthwatering meals while simultaneously boosting your reputation and expanding your nutrition business?

Discover the Ultimate Recipe Pack for Nutrition Coaches

Introducing the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack, a comprehensive collection of 45 white-label, customizable recipes designed for nutrition coaches (like you) working with gluten-free clients or coaches looking to tap into the rapidly growing market.

Our expert team of certified nutrition and fitness coaches, professional designers, experienced recipe creators, and skilled food photographers have come together to develop a top-notch product that is not only delicious and nutritious but also visually stunning and professionally presented.

Expertly Crafted for Maximum Client Satisfaction

Imagine the satisfaction of providing your gluten-free clients with a diverse range of delicious and wholesome meal options that cater to their unique dietary needs.

Picture the pride you'll feel as your clients rave about the recipes you've provided and the sense of accomplishment as you watch your business grow and thrive.

"21% of US shoppers are looking for gluten-free"

(Source: FMI - The Food Industry Association)

A 2021 consumer survey by FMI - The Food Industry Association found that 21% of US shoppers are looking for gluten-free food options when shopping, showcasing the widespread consumer interest in gluten-free diets.

With the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack, you can offer your clients an unparalleled level of support while simultaneously enhancing your brand recognition, authority, and expertise in the gluten-free niche.

Elevate Your Brand and Boost Your Expertise

The gluten-free recipe pack has customizable branding options, allowing you to "brand-as-yours" and seamlessly integrate the content into your existing materials and marketing efforts.

And with the done-for-you macro nutritional breakdowns for each recipe, your clients will have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their meals, making it easier to stay on track and achieve their health goals.

Take the First Step Toward Gluten-Free Mastery

Don't let the challenges of catering to gluten-free clients hold you back from growing your nutrition business. Invest in the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack today and gain access to the tools you need to support your clients, build your brand, and achieve success!

Snag your copy of the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack before everyone else and start enjoying the benefits of this comprehensive, expertly-crafted resource immediately!

Let's take a look inside!

Introducing the NEW

Gluten-Free Recipe Pack

Dominate Nutrition Coaching:
Engage the Massive 75 Million Gluten-Free Global Audience!

remove all the hassles

Boost your services, save time & achieve incredible client results.

No matter what type of clients you coach, our recipe pack removes all the hassles of nutrition coaching, streamlines your advice, and lets you get back to doing your best work.


Instantly Download It

Download the white-label pack. Delivered in .zip, digital format for instant access.


Easily Customize It

Use simple software, that you already own, to add your logo, brand colors, and contact information.


Easily Launch It

Export as PDF and send to clients. You'll see instant return on investment and happy clients.

Here's what you can do with the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack…

  • Personalized Meal Planning: Customize your gluten-free recipe pack to create tailored meal plans for clients, addressing individual preferences, dietary restrictions, and health goals.
  • Exclusive Workshops and Classes: Utilize the gluten-free recipe pack as a foundation for running specialized workshops or cooking classes, attracting new clients, and increasing revenue.
  • Engaging Content Marketing: Share tantalizing recipe previews and insights on social media or your blog, driving interest in your nutrition coaching services and boosting online visibility.
  • Value-Added Client Resources: Enhance your existing client offerings by including the gluten-free recipe pack as a bonus resource, building trust and loyalty while differentiating your services from your competitors.
  • Expansion into New Niches: Leverage the gluten-free recipe pack to tap into specialized markets, such as catering to clients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, positioning your business as an inclusive and adaptable nutrition coaching solution.
  • And heaps more!

Get Your Hands on
Some Awesome Perks

Meal Planning Made Easy 

Offer clients easy-to-follow shopping lists and meal plan examples, simplifying their gluten-free lifestyle and boosting adherence to dietary recommendations.

Holistic Expertise Unlocked 

Benefit from the expertise of certified nutrition and fitness coaches behind our recipe pack, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your client's overall wellness.

Visually Captivating Recipes

Showcase your brand with stunning recipe visuals created by skilled designers and food photographers, enhancing your credibility and client experience.

Access the Booming Market 

Expand your reach by catering to the increasing demand for gluten-free support, positioning your business for long-term success in the nutrition industry.

Build Trust

Foster trust and rapport with gluten-free clients by providing a comprehensive support system that addresses their unique dietary needs.

Stay Current with Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing support and updates from our expert team, ensuring your gluten-free recipe offerings remain current and relevant.

Trusted by over 34,000 businesses for our reliable products & excellent customer service

"More value to clients without extra work"

"Exceed nutrition products revolutionized my approach! They enabled me to provide more value to clients without extra work. The versatile recipe packs are perfect for personal training, gifts, lead magnets, and social media. Their customer service is top-notch!"
—Ashley Wheeler

"Saved me weeks of work"

"These recipes and guides saved me weeks of work! They're well-organized and professionally presented, allowing me to focus on coaching rather than design or food blogging. Thank you, Team Exceed!"
—Josh Bradley-Viso

"True to its promise, offering abundant resources"

"As an integrative nutritionist in Sydney, I recently discovered Exceed Nutrition and was initially skeptical. But, upon taking the plunge, I found it to be true to its promise, offering abundant resources. My patients adore it! The real game-changer? The MyFitnessPal barcode on each recipe page allows clients to scan and track macros effortlessly. Thank you, Ru & the team!"
—Christine Tadros

"My clients love them!"

"Exceed's products are well-designed, professional, and user-friendly. My clients love them, and I've adapted them for various uses. Their customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended!"
—Zack Maharaj

Here's EVERYTHING you get with
the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack…

45 Professional & Original High-Quality Gluten-Free Recipes

  • Engage and captivate your clients with 45 professionally crafted, high-quality recipes, ensuring a diverse and exciting gluten-free meal experience.
  • Trust in the expertise of our certified nutrition coaches and experienced recipe creators, providing your clients with delicious, balanced, and reliable gluten-free options.
  • Showcase your commitment to quality by offering an extensive collection of polished and visually stunning recipes, reinforcing your brand's reputation for excellence.

2x Shopping Lists & 2x Meal Planners

  • Simplify Clients' Lives — Provide easy-to-follow shopping lists and meal plans, streamlining your clients' gluten-free lifestyle and eliminating the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping.
  • Boost Client Adherence and Success — Enhance client commitment to their gluten-free diet with clear, actionable shopping lists and meal plans, empowering them to stay on track and achieve their health goals.
  • Strengthen Your Value Proposition — Offer comprehensive support beyond recipes by including shopping lists and meal plans, showcasing your dedication to clients' success and fostering long-lasting coaching relationships.

MyFitnessPal barcode integration

  • Simplify Tracking — Effortlessly sync your gluten-free recipes with MyFitnessPal using barcode integration, making it a breeze for clients to log their meals and stay on track with their goals.
  • Save Time and Effort — Streamline your clients' nutrition tracking experience by seamlessly integrating MyFitnessPal barcodes, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy in their food diaries.
  • Enhance Client Engagement — Boost client satisfaction and compliance by offering MyFitnessPal barcode integration, providing a user-friendly and convenient way to monitor their dietary progress.

Detailed Macros & Nutritional Info

  • Meal Choices Mastery — Empower your clients with detailed macro nutrient information for each recipe, enabling them to make educated decisions that align with their health and fitness goals.
  • Simplify Tracking and Accountability — Help clients easily monitor their dietary intake by providing clear, accurate nutritional breakdowns, fostering adherence to personalized nutrition plans.
  • Showcase Your Expertise — Demonstrate your commitment to comprehensive client support by offering precise nutritional data, enhancing credibility, and fostering trust in your services.

Brand as your own

  • Seamless Integration — Effortlessly incorporate our gluten-free recipes into your existing materials using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote, or Canva, ensuring a consistent brand experience for your clients.
  • Customizable Branding — Personalize our recipe pack with your logo, colors, and unique design elements, reinforcing your brand identity and showcasing your expertise in gluten-free nutrition.
  • Time-Saving and User-Friendly — Use familiar and user-friendly design tools to quickly tailor and brand our recipe pack, saving time and effort while maintaining a professional appearance.

But WAIT! Here's Where It Gets
Really Good For You…

The Complete Private Label Rights!

My Gluten-Free Recipe Pack allows you to claim (as your own) every single recipe and resource. That means you'll receive the complete Private-Label Licensing for this content and use them entirely as if you created them.

That allows you to put your name as the creator of it, put your branding on it, use it entirely as your own, and keep 100% of the profits.

  • Sustainable long-term solution, you can rely on the recipes and resources for the long haul, using them repeatedly in your business rather than constantly searching for new strategies.
  • Fully customize and personalize the recipes and resources, with complete control over the content, you can tailor it to your audience and brand, ensuring that it is unique and valuable.
  • Flexible and adaptable, whether you want to create new products or simply use the recipes and resources for your own education and growth, the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack offers a wide range of options.

Risk-free satisfaction
with my double guarantee

Double the protection, double the peace of mind — Buy with confidence knowing you're covered twice over

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

New Customers:
Get Results with Exceed Nutrition & Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Exceed Nutrition, we're committed to delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all new customers. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase of the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack, just let us know, and we'll make it right. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience at Exceed Nutrition. So if you're not happy, neither are we. Thank you for choosing us as your source for high-performance nutrition content.

Reminder: The 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to your first-ever product purchase (includes subscriptions) and cannot be used more than once. See more here.

Risk Free

Lifetime Warranty

Risk free

ALL Customers:
Stay Up-to-Date on Nutrition Science with My Lifetime Content Warranty

Staying up-to-date on the latest nutrition science can be challenging, but with Exceed Nutrition, you'll never have to worry about falling behind. Our lifetime content warranty ensures you'll always have access to the most current and accurate information. Whether it's updating links and barcodes, or the latest gluten-free ingredients, we've got you covered. And the best part? All future updates are free!

Reminder: See here for more information about our lifetime content warranty and other terms and conditions.

But that's not all —
I want to gift you these epic bonuses…

BONUS: Social media Marketing Booster Pack

  • Amplify Your Online Presence — Leverage our Social Media Marketing Booster Pack to elevate your brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and drive engagement with targeted, high-impact content.
  • Streamline Content Creation — Save time and effort with our ready-to-use, customizable social media assets designed to resonate with your audience, allowing you to focus on nurturing client relationships and growing your business.
  • Boost Conversions and Client Retention — Harness the power of strategic social media marketing to attract new clients, foster loyalty among existing clients, and ultimately increase your revenue and business growth.

BONUS: High-Resolution Food Photography Pack

  • Captivate Clients with 345 Stunning Visuals — Enhance your marketing materials and client experience with high-resolution food photography, showcasing the deliciousness and quality of your gluten-free recipe offerings.
  • Boost Your Brand's Appeal — Elevate your brand image and attract new clients with professionally shot, eye-catching food photos demonstrating your commitment to excellence and attention to detail.
  • Simplify Content Creation — Save time and effort with a ready-to-use high-resolution food photography pack, streamlining your content creation process and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your nutrition coaching business.

BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community

  • Unlock Valuable Insights — Tap into the collective knowledge of our Support & Mastermind Community, gaining invaluable tips, strategies, and best practices for maximizing your success in gluten-free nutrition coaching.
  • Foster Collaborative Growth — Engage with like-minded professionals in our exclusive community, sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions to support each other's business growth and client success.
  • Stay Ahead with Industry Updates — Leverage the collective expertise of the Support & Mastermind Community to stay informed on the latest trends, research, and innovations in gluten-free nutrition, ensuring you continue to provide top-notch coaching services.

Let's Recap Everything
You Get Today When You Buy
The Gluten-Free Recipe Pack

  • 45 Professional High-Quality Original Gluten-Free Recipes ($4,500 Value)
  • 2x Shopping Lists & 2x Meal Planner Examples ($250 Value)
  • MyFitnessPal Barcode Integration for ALL Recipes ($150 Value)
  • BONUS: Social media Marketing Booster Pack ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: 345 High-Resolution Food Photography Pack ($4,500 Value)
  • BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community (Priceless)
  • New Customer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ($47 Value)
  • Lifetime Updates Content Warranty ($47 Value)
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License (Priceless)

Get It All Right Now

Total Value: $9,591.00

Normal Price: $97.00

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Find out why our customers consider us a game-changer

"I’m thrilled with the nutrition content"

"I’m thrilled with the nutrition content from Exceed! They are incredibly detailed and easy to understand for clients and coaches alike. Thank you for creating these!" 

—Ashley Kiefer

"Easy-to-edit docs with valuable knowledge"

"I'm grateful for Exceed Nutrition and recommend them to all health, fitness, and wellness coaches. They've saved me time by providing professionally designed, easy-to-edit documents with valuable knowledge. Thanks, Team Exceed!"

—Anita Vandeneykel Schmitt

"Customer support is impressive"

"Exceed is an incredible platform that streamlines online training for me. The responsive and helpful customer support is impressive. If you're a trainer seeking branded nutrition solutions, Exceed is a must!"

—Chadwick J Bosch

"Top-notch customer service is exceptional"

"Exceed Nutrition offers invaluable resources packed with practical information presented professionally. Their top-notch customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended!"

—Miguel Bran

"These fantastic products are the backbone of my business"

"Highly recommended! These fantastic products are the backbone of my business, coupled with exceptional customer service - prompt and friendly."

—Jennie Edmondson


"We've been using Exceed Nutrition for years, and it's been a game-changer. The recipe packs are simple to follow and packed with delicious, nutritious meals that the whole family enjoys. Highly recommended!"

—Philip Robertson

Who Are We?

At Exceed Nutrition LTD, our mission is clear: to empower nutrition professionals like you!

Our global team, with over 40 years of combined experience, includes certified nutrition and fitness coaches, designers, recipe creators, and food photographers. We simplify nutrition coaching by providing ready-made resources and customization options, allowing you to focus on what you do best—helping clients achieve their health goals. Welcome to a simpler, more effective way of coaching.

Just In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here Are some Commonly Asked Questions!

Can I easily add my logo to the recipe pack?

Yes, you can change it to any way so that it fits your business and branding. Change the text, change the colors or font and claim it as your own.

Can I download the pack instantly?

Yes, after purchasing you will be taken to our private members area where you can instantly download the recipe pack plus any other purchases. You will also receive an email with a link to access the membership area too.

How long do I have to access the downloads?

Your unique login details will be sent to you via email within 30 minutes upon purchasing. Your account will remain open for up to 1 year afterwards. You can download the recipe pack so that you keep access to your purchases forever.

Do I need to create anything?

Nope, everything has been created for you. Simply download the recipe pack, brand it with your colours and logo, then send it to your clients.

Do you offer a refund?

New Exceed Nutrition customers are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee*. If you don't believe the Client Recipe Pack is right for you or they can't excel your coaching or business, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

* The 30 day money back guarantee only applies to your first ever purchase (of any product) and cannot be used more than once.
See here for full terms.

Once outside of the new members 30-day money-back guarantee,  we do not issue refunds under any circumstances.


For full terms see here

What formats do the recipe pack come in?

After you purchase the pack you will be able to download it in Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx) and Keynote for Mac. They will be delivered via a compressed ZIP file that you will need to extract upon downloading.

Do I need to pay any other fees or subscriptions?

Absolutely not. The price is as shown and does not include any hidden fees or subsciption charges. This is a one time payment only, and gives you full access to the complete pack.

What can I and cannot do with the recipe pack?

You can use your recipe pack almost anywhere that you normally publish and sell content, including editing it and adding your name or brand.

However you can NOT give anyone the Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights. In other words, you can NOT give other people the ability to edit or alter the content

See full terms for more.

75% of Your Clients Crave Tasty Gluten-Free Options —Act Today!

Don't let your nutrition coaching business fall behind by ignoring the rapidly growing gluten-free market.

With nearly 80 million people suffering from celiac disease and many more adopting a gluten-free lifestyle for various reasons, this niche presents a significant opportunity for growth.

Stay ahead of the competition and secure your place as an industry leader by leveraging the Gluten-Free Recipe Pack, a comprehensive solution designed to help you provide exceptional support to gluten-free clients and unlock untapped opportunities for business growth

Act now to avoid missing out on this lucrative niche and ensure your continued success in the ever-evolving nutrition landscape!

  • 45 Professional High-Quality Original Gluten-Free Recipes ($4,500 Value)
  • 2x Shopping Lists & 2x Meal Planner Examples ($250 Value)
  • MyFitnessPal Barcode Integration for ALL Recipes ($150 Value)
  • BONUS: Social media Marketing Booster Pack ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: 345 High-Resolution Food Photography Pack ($4,500 Value)
  • BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community (Priceless)
  • New Customer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ($47 Value)
  • Lifetime Updates Content Warranty ($47 Value)
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License (Priceless)

Get It All Right Now

Total Value: $9,591.00

Normal Price: $97.00

Today Get 50% OFF!

NOW $47

This Exclusive Limited Time Offer Ends Soon!