How To Create The Ultimate High Performance Day

How To Create The Ultimate High Performance Day

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What's the value of starting your day well? In my experience, it's an incredible way to achieve High Performance Living!

Some of the things I’ve done by creating morning habits over the years:

  1.  Started my blog and wrote a book by writing every morning
  2. Became a regular exerciser 
  3. Became a regular learner
  4. Started my day with healthy eating by creating various healthy breakfasts
  5. Learned to be better at productivity by focusing on my most important tasks

I wanted to break down my own morning routine a little bit more, as it might help you create something similar.

This first hour and a half of my day has now become MY routine, and I’ve found that there are 7 key habits that must be included to make it a success.

1. Wake up early​

Getting up early has been a game changer for me, and is a critical part of ensuring all my other morning habits are completed. It truly is the best part of the day and also the best opportunity to finding more time in the day. If your morning feels rushed or stressful then by waking earlier you can quickly remove those feelings. It will also allow you to complete the other habits.

2. Hydrate​

Straight after waking I want to ensure my body is hydrated. After a long sleep with no food or water there is a chance that you are dehydrated. By having a glass of water on your bedside cabinet and drinking it upon waking you will quickly give the body what it needs. As a result you will feel more energized and awake. Why not try adding a pinch or two of Himalayan Pink Salt to improve electrolyte balance too.

3. Exercise

Straight after getting dressed I get outside for some light exercise, usually a brisk walk around the park. Not only do you get the benefits of exercise, but you also get some fresh air and daylight, which is a great combination. It also means that no matter what the day throws at you, you’ve already exercised and kept fit and healthy.

4. Learn

I usually learn something each day by listening to a podcast while doing my morning walk – killing two birds with one stone. This can be as short as 10-15 minutes of learning time, but providing you are broadening your knowledge on a chosen subject then it is time well spent. It is also one of the most effective methods of learning, as research has shown that short repetitive learning techniques work better then ‘massed study’.

Starting my day with a walk and podcast.

5. Fuel up

I always make time for a great breakfast, and I aim to give my body the highest quality and nutrient packed meal that I can here. It’s time to fuel up for an awesome day. I’m a big fan of combining a whole food breakfast with a homemade juice or smoothie. This way you can combine plenty of protein, carbs and healthy fats with a ton of vitamins and minerals too.

6. Relax

Many people don’t give themselves even a minute in the morning to just ‘chill’. So each morning I give myself 5-10 minutes to simply relax, have a coffee, plan my day or do anything I decide. Try this and your daily stress levels will quickly thank you for it.

7. Create

I then get to ‘work’, which means being creative, in relation to whatever task or project I am working on. It can also mean helping clients, writing or brainstorming. Everything in my day so far has ensured I am joyful and energized to do my best work and tackle the day head on. By following this process you too can be more dynamic, creative and strategic in the work you do.

Your first 90 minutes of each day should be all about YOU. It's therefore about self-development where you are prioritising YOU before anyone or anything else.

You’re not being self-centered or uncaring to others by doing this, as you must ensure you are at your best if you are to help other people or do awesome work.

The Setup

There are a million ways to set up a new routine, but for early mornings, here are some things I’ve found to help my success:

Start small.​

I know I say this a lot, but overhauling your entire morning in one go is a sure fire way to failure. Don’t copy my current routine if you’re not used to completing these habits on morning. Instead I recommend you pick only one and do it for 10-15 minutes per day. Once this becomes part of your routine, then feel free to add another one in.

Get plenty of sleep.

This might seem obvious, but lots of people wake earlier without sleeping much, and then wonder why they struggle. It’s hard to change your sleeping routine, but it’s even harder to go without sleep for very long. Your discipline will falter if you’re tired.

Try to find a personal space.

I’ve found this morning routine to be most enjoyable when I have a nice quiet space to practice in. That means a living room for reading where there aren’t other people, or if I want to write, I wake up before my girlfriend, get my coffee ready, and enjoy the quiet time for writing. I also make my walks my own little world too, as I always have a podcast to immerse myself into.

Hydrate, and stretch.

I like to drink a glass of water, and stretch a little bit before doing anything. I find it helps my mind wake up in the morning.

Have a trigger.

Don’t just say, “I’ll write in the morning.” That means you have to find the time to do it. Instead, say, “I’ll drink water, start the coffee maker, stretch, pour my coffee, then write.” So your trigger, then, is pouring the coffee. Try to always do the writing habit after pouring coffee, so then the habit becomes tied to the trigger.

Set up lots of reminders.

Wherever the trigger happens, have a reminder around there. Multiple reminders. It can be a phone reminder, a note on your laptop, a big sign somewhere in your living room or kitchen, running shoes near your bed, a meditation pillow at your bedroom door.

Tune into this blog on my HPL Podcast through iTunes or Stitcher.