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The A-Z Project Implementation Plan for successfully creating your highly profitable online fitness business!

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Does Any of This Sound Familiar? 

You feel overwhelmed that there isn't enough time to make your online business a success, so have yet to start. 

You're fearful of the tech that might be involved and how complicated it could be to setup correctly. 

You feel stuck and simply don't know where to begin or how everything applies to you. 

If it does, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to learn the knowledge and systems to successfully create and grow your online fitness business.

I was tired of hearing stories from ambitious trainers who wanted to take their expertise online, just like you, being left stuck and let down in their pursuit to achieving their goals. And that's why I created The Exceed Masterclass. 

Thankfully, by joining the Masterclass, that's all behind you:

Build Your Confidence 

Become 100% confident with the software and marketing strategies required to create your profitable online fitness business.

Raise Your Authority 

With an online business your perception & authority in the fitness industry skyrockets and clients start chasing you. 

Charge Higher Fees 

Creating your online business puts you in complete control of your profits, allowing you to command higher fees...and get it. 


The Masterclass has helped in every area of my business and coaching. I was frustrated and getting burnt out. Until I decided to give Ru's program a try and WOW. Its helped get me organized and understand how to run a business. This program is legit... It has all of Ru's years of business and coaching experience all in a single program -- giving you a proven roadmap to succeed.

Joshua P.

Introducing the Exceed Masterclass! 


I've taken everything I've learned from building my own 6-figure online fitness business, and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.

My exclusive Masterclass is a 8-week guided tour and I'll be personally guiding you through everything you need to know in 4 consecutive stages:

Stage 1: Effectively Plan (Weeks 1-2)

If you're starting at the beginning then you'll get a complete 360 degree overview of the online business creation roadmap that will guide you through every step of planning for a highly successfully and profitable online fitness business. 

  • Learn exactly who your perfect online client's are and what they are willing to pay for
  • Discover exactly what to create so that you don't waste time and energy creating something that nobody wants 
  • Learn what type of online business suits you and your niche, so that you can gain the confidence to move forward with your online business
  • Leverage the simple (but powerful) validation strategies to uncover exactly what your niche is ready to invest in 

Stage 2: Easily Create (Weeks 3-4)

Build your online program quickly by knowing exactly what to include and provide clients with maximal impact and value. Get access to everything you need to build your business and program with confidence and ease. 

  • Find the perfect 'home' for your BIG idea and learn the in's and out's of your online website and client area 
  • Learn how to confidently decide on the best platform and theme of your site, as well as the best design practices 
  • Create a unique identity and build this into a high converting, great looking website 
  • Learn the tools that integrate seamlessly together so that your online business works on auto-pilot 

Stage 3: Effortlessly Launch (Weeks 5-6)

It's time to get your offer out there to the world and this stage takes you through step-by-step, week-by-week, the exact things to complete and implement in order to have your new online fitness business deployed and profited from. 

  • Get the EXACT sales funnels and strategies that I've used in my own fitness business to generate multiple figures
  • Apply simple and repeatable systems that generate new paying online clients every single month
  • Get a detailed step-by-step launch plan that outlines every step in crystal clear detail - you just have to follow it 
  • Learn the most effective online sales techniques that are guaranteed to work (even if you've never promoted anything online before) 

Stage 4: Quickly Grow (Weeks 7-8)

Once you have successfully launched your online program and got your first set of clients, you can now develop the skills and confidence needed to deliver the best results online in your niche. It's time for world domination! 

  • Find your dream client's so that you can build an audience of raving fans 
  • Learn the exact step-by-step process to building the cornerstones of effective online marketing 
  • Quickly and affordably grow your social media following, your email list and website visits 
  • Automate everything so that you can get on with the stuff that matters (and that you enjoy)

It's literally everything you need to know to get from where you are now to where you want and need to be as an online personal trainer. 

NO more getting lost. No more conflicting information.

The end result: A profitable long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your life.

How does it work when I join?

The Masterclass provides complete handholding as you walk through every imaginable step needed to conceive and create your online fitness business. 

In fact, I'll personally be guiding you in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS:


Weekly Guided Email Lessons 

Every stage comes with its own dedicated 14 day guided email series with yours truly. This means I'll be showing up in your inbox for every step of the way, to show you the exact things to complete and implement in order to have your online fitness business deployed and profited from in just 60 days. 

Proven Implementation Plans

Have a meticulous, step-by-step project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. There's one for every stage and all you need to do is follow them. Get the key tasks to complete for every stage and direct links to the recommended training that shows you exactly how to do it. 


Video Walkthroughs 

No filler. No unnecessary modules, and no 'guru' strategies that look sexy on the surface but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress. Instead, not only do I make it dead simple, but I take nothing for granted, and really go step-by-step to make sure you build your online business with ease. 

Direct Mentorship with Ru

I get to know EVERY member of the Masterclass so that you always get the help that you need. You'll receive invaluable guidance and support so that you can be confident you're on the right track to success. Get answers from me to any question to ensure you're never stuck longer than you have to be.  Get a FULL 6 months coaching.


If you are overwhelmed with information and can't get started or get "unstuck" from where you are, then this program is for you. It takes the guesswork out of everything and helps you start to focus on one thing at a time.

Alicia Scovell

You'll also get full access to:


The Resource Centre 

Get full access to the Resource Centre filled with business tools, templates and programs to use immediately. Download over 150 exclusive resources! 

  • Get my complete client consultation package that removes all of the guesswork with online clients 
  • Access my client progress templates that will save you a ton of creation time 
  • Download the most effective resources that will make running your coaching business feel effortless 

6 Months of FULL Access to the Mastermind Community

This is a serious group of ambitious trainers committed to building their online fitness businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

  • Tap into the collective knowledge, experience and insight of hundreds of accomplished coaches
  • Quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) problem in a matter of minutes 
  • Get an extra set of eyes on anything that you create
  • Form valuable friendships (and partnerships) that can lead to big opportunities


Monthly Workshops 

I've recorded over a dozen targeted workshops (and counting!) to walk you through common stumbling blocks such as:

  • Effective marketing for personal trainers 
  • How to create a membership site 
  • Proven lead generation strategies 
  • How to make Facebook ads work 
  • How to grow your social media for free
  • How to price your services perfectly 
  • How to stand out in the industry 

The Tech Library 

Get instant access to my super-simple, step-by-step tutorials that walk you through exactly how to setup, customise and design everything!

  • Need a website? Need an lead magnet? Need an email list? No problem - I'll show you the software I recommend and how to use it
  • Have complete confidence in implementing and applying the most important platforms, tools and technology
  • Never fear the tech again when you see the exact steps to get it setup

If you're ready to get the education and support you know you need to excel your coaching and career, then the Masterclass is right for you!

Why you need to start building your online fitness business today...

Yes, waiting in the sidelines up to this point has opened up the doors for you to:

1. Allow your competitors to make critical mistakes in their online efforts (so that you can learn from their mistakes)

2. Swoop in and save your target market from the poor coaching and fitness fads that currently flood the industry. 

But the time to seize this opportunity isn't in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years from now. It's TODAY. Right here. Right now. 

Everyday people in your niche are investing their hard earned cash in online health and fitness programs, with the hopes of overcoming their biggest problems or achieving their biggest goals. 

This is cash that could be landing in your account... but only if you get started and build your online fitness business today. 

Check out what our members are saying: 


The Masterclass has provided me the structure and methodical approach to frame my thinking and give me a path through to success. The experience, hints and tips within the Masterclass has been invaluable. I'm about 6 weeks away from relaunching the business and I'm excited about the possibilities in front of me.

The lessons are quick and easy to understand. I feel as though I can implement the ideas within minutes of learning something new. It's all easy to follow and actionable, which is the main thing.

I had the view that I would join for a short period of time to get the business up and running, but having experienced the Masterclass, I know see it as an integral part of my business in the future and a fundamental piece of the puzzle that will ensure success.

Simon Mitchell

I was feeling lost with how and where to go with my business. Having recently passed my advanced PT diploma, signed up some clients from my local area I was at a loss with how to really expand my business and also take it online successfully.

I'm definitly wasting less time. I'm more organised and focused. I know more about my current clients and I know exactly the steps I still need to take to get my business online.

Everything is clear and concise, split into subjects and modules. Monthly workshops are an absolute godsend, I've listened to most of these over the past week and taken so much from each and every one of them.

It really is a no-brainer!

Wendi Thorne Personal Trainer

I needed direct step-by-step guidance on how to bring my fitness business online.

The Exceed Masterclass is so much more than a formula a 'Guru' would sell you as a one-off product that promises all the answers. It is resources, support right from the Ru himself, not some assistant he's hired, but more importantly a community that's built around helping each other reach our goals together. The fact that I have received responses for each of my questions has been the biggest deal maker for me.

If you want a program that follows through with support, while also showing you the steps it takes to get your program launched, then the Masterclass is for you :)

Shawn Guiney

I've met and studied alongside some of the most inspiring coaches in the fitness industry.

This has given me the education and further passion to help my clients achieve their goals. Ru has been totally supportive throughout, just like I imagined he would be. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge and take their career to the next level. The daily interaction kept me motivated and thirsty to learn more. This distance learning course was ideal for me, it fitted in perfectly around my clients and busy lifestyle as a single parent. If I missed a webinar, and this was very few, (I even logged on during a few trips aboard), I just caught up with the recordings a day or so later. As well as in-depth articles to read , there were case studies, from real life consultations, which have given me the confidence in being able to work with a variety of clients.

I loved every moment of it!

Libby Upton


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How much time does it take?

Can I complete this at my own pace? 

Will I actually get direct access to you, Ru?

What happens after 6 months? 

Can I get a refund? 

Do I have to attend in-person lectures or events?

Can I join next month or later on?