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Nutrition Coach:

Are You Struggling with Content Creation?

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Discover the Secret Toolkit Top Coaches Use to Produce Months of Evidence-Based Content Instantly & Effortlessly...

From: Ru Anderson

Founder of ExceedNutrition.com

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the endless demand for fresh, engaging content?

Are you struggling to balance content creation with your passion for nutrition coaching?

Are your feeling frustrated trying to convert complex science topics into simple posts? 

Imagine effortlessly engaging your audience with scientifically backed nutrition content, saving hours every week!

You're at your desk, the early morning sun glowing on your hectic schedule: back-to-back clients, training sessions, consultations, all while juggling the relentless task of growing your online presence.

The Relentless Grind

You're fully aware of the power of engaging, informative content in connecting with your audience. But here's the catch – creating this content consumes your most valuable asset: time!

The Struggle for Quality

Your peers seem to effortlessly churn out captivating nutrition tips and thought-provoking articles. Their social media buzzes with interaction; their blogs attract prospects. You aspire to achieve the same, but the sheer effort to research, craft, and simplify content feels impossible.

The Accuracy Dilemma

Your days are increasingly eaten up by content creation, stealing precious moments from your core services and personal life. And the worry lingers:

"Is my information cutting-edge and reliable? Am I keeping pace with the latest in nutrition science?"

In the dynamic world of health and nutrition, being accurate and relevant is not just challenging – it's vital.

The Weight of Expectation

The pressure mounts. In a world where digital content dominates, not keeping up means risking client relationships and your credibility. This constant battle is draining, and it's far from the reason you pursued a career in health and fitness.

Deep down, your passion lies in transforming lives through health and fitness, not getting swamped in content creation.

But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle? What if you could maintain an engaging online presence without sacrificing your passion or personal life?

Your True Calling

I've been where you are – spending endless hours on content, feeling it's never enough. That's why I created a solution to offer you the freedom I found, that lets you reclaim your time and focus on what you truly love without the stress of content creation.


The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit!

Your ultimate time-saving resource for scientifically validated, ready-to-use marketing content. The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit isn't just a resource—it's your secret weapon for attracting, captivating, and educating your social followers with ease.

Here’s What You Can Experience

Done-for-you Content

Explode your online presence effortlessly. Our copy-paste content attracts followers, leads, and clients, making you the go-to expert.

Diverse Content Library

Stand out with unique content. Our vast library covers 26 topics, ensuring you're always relevant and engaging.

Over 2000 Ready-to-Use Nuggets

Stay ahead in the fast-paced marketing world. With endless content one click away, you're always prepared to impress and captivate your audience.

Boost Your Authority

Build unshakeable trust. Our science-backed content positions you as a credible, authoritative voice in nutrition coaching.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Access your marketing toolkit anywhere, anytime, ensuring you're always equipped and ready to share that next viral post.

Flexibility and Knowledge

Assert your expertise on any topic. The toolkit gives you the power to educate and lead discussions, enhancing your influence and reputation.

5 Powerful Ways You Can Use The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit

  • Create Engaging Social Media Campaigns: Use our ready-made, science-backed social media posts to drive engagement and discussions. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, our content is designed to catch the eye and stimulate conversation.
  • Enhance Your Blog with Authoritative Articles: Upgrade your blog with our well-researched articles. Each piece is packed with scientific insights and simplified—perfect for educating your audience and boosting your SEO.
  • Develop Interactive Quizzes: Engage your audience with fun and informative lead-generation or membership quizzes. These excellent interaction tools help better understand your audience's needs and interests.
  • Create Compelling Video Content: With our video scripts, turn your TikToks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts into a go-to resource for health and nutrition advice. These scripts are crafted to be informative and engaging, perfect for building a loyal viewer base on your favourite social media channel.
  • Email Marketing with Impact: Use our content to craft email campaigns your subscribers will look forward to. From nutrition tips to the latest in health research, keep your audience informed, engaged and primed.
  • And heaps more!

Trusted by over 34,000 Coaches for our reliable products & excellent customer service

"Cutting hours of content creating"

"I love the content, it looks amazing, easy to personalize, very professional, so helpful cutting hours of content creating. Can't wait to see my business grow."
—Aisha Butler

"So professional"

"The resources are so professional, beautiful, and helpful to allow us to serve our clients better!"
—Kalli Park Beckwith

"Top-notch resources that make my life so much easier"

"There's a ton of noise in our industry with people and companies making all sorts of promises that fall short. Exceed Nutrition does not disappoint. There's no hype. Just top-notch resources that make my life so much easier. If you're a coach in the fitness space you want this team on your side."
—Nicole Cabrias

Here's EVERYTHING you get with the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit—The Complete Organic Marketing Solution!

#1 Nutrition Know-How

  • 26 Nutrition Topics: Expand your expertise with essential topics from protein basics to advanced workout nutrition, educating and engaging your audience.
  • Fact-backed Content: Leverage credible, science-based content to build trust and enhance your authority in health.
  • 26 Quizzes with Answers: Use fun, informative quizzes to enhance lead generation and client engagement.

#2 Social Media Savvy

  • 206 X/Twitter/Threads Organic Posts: Maintain relevance on X/Twitter with various engaging, nutrition-focused posts.
  • 206 Instagram/Facebook Posts: Drive engagement on popular platforms with ready-made social media text posts.
  • 780 Trending Hashtags: Connect with a broader online community using trending hashtags for each topic.

#3 Brand Spotlight

  • 26 Short-Form Video Scripts: Boost your online presence with engaging, professionally crafted video scripts.
  • 104 Expert Email Templates: Save time with professional, ready-to-use email templates for effective lead nurture and conversion.
  • 26 Blog Articles: Establish expertise with well-researched, professionally written blog articles.

#4 SEO and OnDemand Content

  • 520 Blog SEO Expansion Kit Assets: Enhance your blog's search engine rankings with an extensive SEO toolkit.
  • One-click Copy to Clipboard: Streamline your workflow with convenient one-click content sharing from the library.
  • Plain-text Format: Adapt and use content flexibly across various platforms with plain-text format.

#5 Expert Access

  • Cloud-based Library: Access your content anytime, anywhere, ensuring constant audience engagement.
  • Eight Getting Started How-to Guides: Simplify your content strategy with practical guides on how to use the content.
  • Comprehensive Science Sources Supplied: Add depth to your content with robust science sources.

#6 Fresh Insights and Updates

  • Written and Researched by Certified Nutrition Coaches and Professional Content Creators: This means you stand out from the crowd of coaches who rely on sketchy AI-generated content.
  • Regularly Updated: Keep your material fresh and relevant with regular lifetime updates.

But WAIT! Here's Where It Gets
Really Good For You…

Own it All with Private Label Rights!

  • Transform the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit into your unique brand. 
  • Copy, personalize, share, and profit 100% from every piece of this comprehensive organic marketing content collection.
  • Designed for lasting impact, use this toolkit repeatedly in your business strategy. Fully adaptable, you can align each piece with your specific brand and audience needs.
  • Ideal for diverse business uses, from creating new offerings to personal growth, offering limitless possibilities.

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Go Behind The Scenes Of The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit!

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FREE Canva Social Templates

Enhance your Nutrition Attraction Toolkit with our Canva templates for Instagram Reels and Carousels. 

  • For those moments when you're unsure what to post, these templates provide ready-made inspirational quotes, making your feed consistently engaging.
  • They're crafted to help your posts resonate authentically with your audience, ensuring your social media presence is unique and memorable.
  • This addition is ideal for maintaining a dynamic and interactive social feed.

FREE Canva Presentations

Enhance your Nutrition Attraction Toolkit with our fully editable done-for-you Canva Presentations.

  • There’s a presentation slide deck for every single topic in the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit. 
  • Each presentation contains dozens of beautifully designed slides - crafted with impeccable detail and expert-based information.
  • Every slide is paired with done-for-you speaker notes - perfect for quickly creating videos, workshops, webinars or courses. 

FREE Support & Mastermind Community

  • Unlock Valuable Insights — Tap into the collective knowledge of our Support & Mastermind Community, gaining invaluable tips, strategies, and best practices for maximising your success in pro nutrition coaching.
  • Foster Collaborative Growth — Engage with like-minded professionals in our exclusive community, sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions to support each other's business growth and client success.
  • Stay Ahead with Industry Updates — Leverage the collective expertise of the Support & Mastermind Community to stay informed on the latest trends, research, and innovations in nutrition, ensuring you continue to provide top-notch coaching services.

Risk-free satisfaction
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After your initial 30-day no questions asked money-back gurantee, I'll give you 11 more months to apply the content. If it doesn't work despite your efforts, we'll still refund your entre investment. Why? Because you shouldn't pay for something that doesn't deliver. I'm confident in The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit's effectiveness, and I'm backing it with this guarantee. See more here.

Risk Free

Lifetime Warranty

Risk free

Your Toolkit Will Always Stay Up-to-Date with My Lifetime Updates Guarantee

Reminder: See here for more information about our lifetime content warranty and other terms and conditions.

Let's Recap Everything
You Get Today When You Buy
The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit

  • 26 Nutrition Topics
  • Science-Based Content
  • 26 Video Scripts
  • 206 Twitter Posts
  • 26 Quizzes
  • 206 Instagram/Facebook Posts
  • 780 Hashtags
  • 104 Email Templates
  • 26 Blog Articles
  • 520 SEO Assets
  • One-Click Clipboard Copy
  • Plain-Text Format
  • Cloud-Based Library
  • 8 How-To Guides
  • Comprehensive Science Sources
  • FREE BONUS: Canva Social Media Templates
  • FREE BONUS: Canva Presentations
  • FREE BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community
  • GUARANTEE: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • GUARANTEE: 365 Days to Get Results
  • GUARANTEE: Lifetime Updates
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License

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"Amazing content to choose from to help promote my business"

"Absolutely love all the resources. I cannot imagine running my business without them now. It allows me to focus more on my clients specific needs and coach them rather than spending hours creating my own. So much amazing content to choose from to help promote my business, thank you." 

—Alexandra Dawson, Coach

"Game changers for my fitness and wellness business"

"All the [resources] have been game changers for my fitness and wellness business. As a busy fit mom, time is of the essence. The Exceed Nutrition programs have helped me streamline so much! I highly recommend all they have to offer!"

—Rebecca Dyson Heyward, Coach

"Good quality resources"

"For anyone looking to further their knowledge, grow their business and have good quality resources to give to their clients I highly recommend Exceed Nutrition."

—Nichola Lewis, Coach

"Helpful resources"

"Great resources for coaches starting out and looking for helpful resources, and even better for those further down the line with clients but little time!"

—Fiona Zebedee, Coach

Who Are We?

At Exceed Nutrition LTD, our mission is clear: to empower nutrition professionals like you!

Our global team, with over 40 years of combined experience, includes certified nutrition and fitness coaches, designers, recipe creators, and food photographers. We simplify nutrition coaching by providing ready-made resources and customization options, allowing you to focus on what you do best—helping clients achieve their health goals. Welcome to a simpler, more effective way of coaching.

Just In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here Are some Commonly Asked Questions!

What's included in the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit?

The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit includes over 2000 ready-to-use marketing assets, such as short-form video scripts, social media posts, blog articles, quizzes, email templates, and more. These assets cover 26 essential nutrition topics and are scientifically validated to enhance credibility.

How can I customize the content with Private Label Rights (PLR)?

You have complete control over the content with Private Label Rights (PLR). This means you can personalize, brand, and edit the content to align with your unique voice and style, ensuring it resonates with your specific audience.

Is there a limit to how I can use the content?

There are no usage restrictions on the content. Once you have access to the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit, you can use the materials as often as you like, whether for social media, blogs, emails, or other marketing channels.

Do I need any specific tech skills to use the toolkit?

No technical skills are required. The toolkit is designed to be user-friendly, with features like plain text, a one-click copy to the clipboard, and cloud-based access, making it accessible to all technical levels.

How often is the content updated?

The content is checked monthly and regularly updated to reflect the latest nutrition science and trends.

Are there any additional costs or subscription fees?

The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit is available for a one-time fee of $97, providing lifetime access to all the content and updates. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees.

What is the 30-day money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. If unsatisfied with the toolkit within the first 30 days of purchase, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

How do I access the FREE Canva gifts?

The Canva Social Templates bonus download link is included with the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit library.

Why should I use the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit instead of A.I?

Using the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit instead of A.I. generator has a key advantage: it's science-backed. The toolkit offers content that's not only specialised for nutrition coaching but also validated by scientific research. This ensures that the information and strategies you share with clients are credible and effective. While A.I. can provide a wide range of information, it may not always offer the depth and specificity of scientifically-backed content tailored for nutrition coaching. The toolkit's focus on evidence-based practices adds value to your services and enhances your trustworthiness as a coach.

Is there customer support available if I have questions or need help?

Yes, we provide customer support to assist you with questions or concerns. You can reach support at any time using the email: info@exceednutrition.com

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Don’t miss your chance to transform your content strategy and coaching business. Still unsure? Remember, you're backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit risk-free and see the difference it makes!

Let's Recap Everything
You Get Today When You Buy
The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit

  • 26 Nutrition Topics
  • Science-Based Content
  • 26 Video Scripts
  • 206 Twitter Posts
  • 26 Quizzes
  • 206 Instagram/Facebook Posts
  • 780 Hashtags
  • 104 Email Templates
  • 26 Blog Articles
  • 520 SEO Assets
  • One-Click Clipboard Copy
  • Plain-Text Format
  • Cloud-Based Library
  • 8 How-To Guides
  • Comprehensive Science Sources
  • FREE BONUS: Canva Social Media Templates
  • FREE BONUS: Canva Presentations
  • FREE BONUS: Support & Mastermind Community
  • GUARANTEE: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • GUARANTEE: 365 Days to Get Results
  • GUARANTEE: Lifetime Updates
  • The Complete Private Label Rights License

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Normal Price: $485.00

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NOW $97

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