FitPro’s: The 1 Thing I’d Do Differently

FitPro’s: The 1 Thing I’d Do Differently

I love reading the 'what would you do differently' type posts and blogs.

It's a great way to shave years off your learning curve and discover better ways of doing things.

Learning from other peoples mistakes is a rapid way to progress your own results.

So I want to share with you my own version of this.

After running an online fitness biz for years now, if I had to start all over again I'd change one thing...

...I would have taken my email marketing more seriously.

Instead I pissed around building my Fb pages, focused too much on catchy updates, and even spent too much time reading other peoples stuff.

Mega fail!

As a result, I seriously missed out on:

  1. Growing an audience (social media reach now sucks)
  2. ​Creating a platform I owned (FB could get switched off tomorrow)
  3. Driving more website traffic (you know what that results in)

That's why it's the number 1 thing I get every member of my Masterclass to focus on from the word go.

And today I'm going to help you do the same.

Above I've shared a brand new video from my new list building course.

In it, you'll learn:

  • ​the email service providers I recommend and why
  • ​opt-in software that will rapidly grow your list
  • ​how to create a great landing page
  • 4 additional tools to grow your email list faster