5 Reasons Most Online Personal Trainers Fail (& How to Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunity)

100 billion dollars (and growing).

That’s the estimated size of the online personal training and education market.

If you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist or health coach, it’s likely the reason you already know that you need to create an online fitness business.

So I’ll spare you the spiel.

After all, you probably already know that creating a successful online coaching programme is the key tipping point that will allow you to leverage your time, impact more people and scale your coaching.

The truth is while the online personal training industry is MASSIVE…

…it’s not for everyone.

Most trainers I meet say they ‘want’ to go online, or that they ‘are’ online, yet have no clients (or income) to back this up.

Everyone is trying to do it, yet very few succeed.

In other words, nobody is buying their shit.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be YOUR reality.

Because after creating my own successful and highly profitable online fitness business (which has served thousands of online customers and clients)…

I’ve pinpointed the exact strategies that makes online trainers hugely successful.

online personal trainers

5 Online Personal Trainers Mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not treating your online business like a project

Building a successful online personal training business isn’t particularly hard or complicated. But there are MANY moving pieces and potential failure points along the way.

How do you start building a website?

What type of online programme do you provide?

How do I market myself?

These are just some of the MANY questions you’ll have to be ready to answer along the way.

Most trainers approach their online fitness business as just another “thing” to do or learn.

But the thing is, you can’t treat an online business as just another strategy, tactic or system.

Your online fitness business is an immensely valuable (and fragile) asset that when done right, can generate 6, 7 or even 8 figures in revenues over the course of it’s lifetime.

Time to respect it for what it is – a PROJECT – and approach it accordingly.

The fact that creating an online biz is a *little* complex shouldn’t alarm you.

Instead, it should excite you!

Because where there are barriers to entry, there’s a distinct advantage for you to properly navigate them while your competitors struggle to leap over the same hurdle.

MISTAKE #2 – Thinking About Selling Before you Build It

I won’t win many friends here, but I’ll say it anyway.

Do not… and I repeat…DO NOT even think about lead magnets, facebook ads, or flashy sales tactics before you finish building your core platforms.

I know, it’s all the guru’s talk about, how to sell, sell, sell.

But let me tell you – this is a major mistake.

As we just acknowledged – building an online fitness business is a major project with many moving parts.

Therefore, it’s vital that you retain every bit of focus and flow on executing the tasks involved in creating your platforms.

The goal is to build a 6 or 7-figure, long-term asset! If you think you can put a sloppy looking programme together and charge hundreds for it, you’re mistaken.

Perhaps a number of years ago you’d get away with that, but not anymore.

Online buyers are WAY more savvy and demand a lot for their money these days.

Wannabe online personal trainers get too excited about selling way too prematurely.

But the truth is, no tactic will work unless you have it built to begin with.

And the only way to build an online fitness business is to be so laser-focused on the task at hand without overwhelming yourself on the “how to sell” part.

Takeaway: Build it first. Then (and only then) think about how to sell it.

I’m not saying “build it and they will come”. Instead, I’m saying…

“Build it so good, they’ll beg you to buy”.

And then, WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT, amplify your profits with the tested and proven online marketing systems that put your sales on overdrive.

MISTAKE #3 – Not Learning How to Coach

Being an elite level online coach on your topic isn’t the same as being a great offline personal trainer. In rare cases they go hand-in-hand, but most of the time they don’t.

I’ve known MANY brilliant personal trainers who’ve had so much support and motivation to share with their 1-1 clients.

The only problem was – they had no idea how to connect with their online clients or how to present the material in a way that online clients could engage with it, implement it, and most importantly get results from it.

As a result, engagement drops, results are non-existent, and you end up spending more time processing refund requests than you do coaching.

Takeaway: The best online programmes are taught by the best online coaches.

I’m not saying this to freak you out, but to let you know that with just a *little bit* of knowledge you can become a motivational and confident online coach that gets your clients RESULTS.

The bar for coaching has been set pretty low in our industry, and with just a few quick upgrades you’ll quickly differentiate yourself from even the more seasoned experts in your niche.

MISTAKE #4 – Overthinking Your Online Programme

Online personal training is meant to be client focused, results-driven and process-oriented…

Your online programme doesn’t need hours of recorded video tutorials, weekly skype calls, food logging software, members areas or recipe banks.

It blows my mind how complicated some trainers believe their online coaching programme needs to be.

Think about what delivers your offline clients results…

It’s your guidance, support and accountability that changes people’s bodies and health.

It’s therefore not about the ‘stuff’.

Many starting online personal trainers simply need to replicate what they are already doing offline to get results.

This means showing up for your clients online, giving them access to you and making them consistent to your advice.

Here’s the truth…

Your clients are busy… and if their problem is URGENT, they want to learn how to solve it in the most efficient way possible.

That’s not going to come from sifting through hundreds of videos or from the expensive ‘online coaching’ software that you think makes you look professional.

The goal of your online programme is to solve your client’s problems in the clearest, most efficient and impactful way.

MISTAKE #5. Not Understanding Internet Marketing

Sadly, nobody is taught internet marketing in school or even in personal trainer qualifications.

Yet it’s essential for online success.

So what does it really mean to do ‘internet marketing’ with people you would want to buy your online coaching or programmes?

Let's start with what it does NOT mean:

  • It does not mean dumping hundreds of people into a free FB group and expecting them to soon buy your programme
  • It does not mean putting endless selfies of food pics on your Instagram account and then counting how many 'likes' you get
  • It does not mean that by just having a cool logo and funky website that clients will want to work with you.

Here's what it DOES mean to complete internet marketing with your best future clients:

  • It means sending messages that provide value and get a flood of responses saying "wow, tell me more"
  • It means receiving 'out of the blue' messages over something you created or shared months or even years ago, and having that person say "this is exactly what I need, what's the next step?"
  • It means asking your potential clients what they truly struggle with and receiving deeply personal stories back (because they know, like and trust you)

Yeah, shit just got real. So, the humble reality is....

If you want to be an online coach yet aren't conducting good internet marketing with your best prospects, it's gonna fail.​

Successful online personal trainers conduct good internet marketing by providing VALUE first.

Value goes way beyond a good looking logo or food picture. It means giving away your best for free.

You must solve many peoples problems (and mostly for free) and only then will you be rewarded for your efforts.

Action steps:

Remember, your online fitness business is a long term (and highly leveragable) 6 or 7-figure asset.

Although many trainers want to start online personal training, few will build a platform strong enough to generate any momentum.

The way you claim YOUR place as a successful online trainer is to bypass the 5 major pitfalls above, plus get a step-by-step project plan that guides you to success.

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