How to Plan For a Successful Online Personal Training Programme

When working with trainers to successfully create their own online personal training programme, there comes a time when they hit a big sticking point. They don't know what to offer their clients online.

The creation of the programme for your online personal training business is usually one of the most challenging times, as you know it needs to be right in order for it to be a long term success.

Understanding how much information to provide, how much personal service to give and what clients really expect online, is no mean feat. There’s a lot of options out there, such as email access, skype calls, plans and programmes, private communities and progress check-ins.

What do you offer and where do you draw the line?

The easy option would be to throw the whole lot in, offer it all, but that won’t be be scalable and you’ll soon find yourself hating it.

So in this blog I’m going to show you how to go from having dozens of different thoughts and mixed-up ideas about your online programme, to narrowing down and picking the one that has the most potential and is the best fit for you and your dream clients.

Planning for a Successful Online Personal Training Programme

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Choose a Topic

Now before you dive into the finer details of programme design and offerings for your online personal training business, you need to be certain on your chosen topic or market place that you want to operate in. To do this, you must answer the following questions...

1. What skills/knowledge do you have that would be useful to others?

Where is your current level of expertise – what are your existing clients always picking your brains about or what do you find yourself spending a lot of time studying?

This is what you should focus your online personal training programme on and it will be seen as high value that provides a solution to peoples needs. It’s also an area that you can quickly establish yourself as an expert.

2. What interests and motivates you?

Ideally your area of expertise is also something that you really enjoy and are motivated to help people with. If not, then you shouldn’t create a coaching programme about it. If you want to enjoy online coaching for the long term, then you really should be enjoying the main topics you regularly are helping clients with.

3. What can you confidently create content about?

When you move into the online coaching space, you must accept that you will be creating and publishing information on a regular basis. Be it for your marketing efforts or even for your clients, you will be creating stuff like resources, videos, ebooks or courses. So make sure that you’re also happy to do this, before settling on your idea.

4. What problem can you solve?

Ok, so you want to create an online personal training programme, but what problem will it really solve for your clients. Is it going to help with fat-loss, gut health, muscle building or lifestyle design – think about the problems people will have attached to the goals they have. For example, what problems are potential clients having when they are actively seeking a muscle building programme.

5. Will people pay for access to your expertise?

You must also know if someone will pay for your coaching or service, and I’ll show you how to find this out soon in this blog.

6. How much expertise do you have? How much do you need?

Here you should think about any qualifications or credentials you might need to provide your programme or coaching. Sure, the fitness industry and the online world isn’t strictly regulated, but perhaps your clients might want to know your level of experience. Think about how your going to show that you’re the real deal and qualified to coach people on this topic.

Do the Research

Now that you know what area might interest you and the problems it can resolve for potential clients, you can now do some better research on existing clients or services that offer something similar.

1. Find out what questions people are asking on in Facebook Groups, on Twitter

Dig into existing forums or groups that already have a number of people talking and seeking help about your chosen idea. Look up and write down the exact questions they are asking – these will be the exact same questions your potential clients will have too.

2. Read the comments section of influential blogs in your industry or niche.

Find some of the biggest blogs or people of influence who are already providing free or paid content to your ideal online client. Look at what content they are creating, which content is the most popular and how people engage with it.

3. Read reviews of popular books in your industry

This step will show you whether people highlight topics in need of further coverage and Amazon is a gold mine for research. Find popular books on your chosen area of expertise and read all of the reviews. What did they really value from the book and what did they want to know some more about.

4. Buy your competitors products

Every single one of your potential clients are already online and are looking for a solution to their problems. Find out where they are already buying from and then buy the programme yourself. This might not work too well if it’s a personal service, but if it’s a book, an online programme or DVD, then buy it. Study the material that you get – what makes it so popular – why is it solving peoples problems – what do you like about it – what can you make better.

5. Survey your existing clients

Perhaps you already have some clients you work with. If so then ask them what they would like to learn more about from you – what their biggest struggle was before they started your online personal training programme and what they might like to see in an online programme if they were to use one.

Action Steps 

You should now brainstorm at least 3 different ideas that you would like to offer your online clients. 

Use the 6 previous questions to help you with this task and be sure answer each question accurately. Once you have at least 3 ideas, you should move onto the research stage and conduct the 5 main stages separately. This will provide you with the best information in order to decide upon your best idea. 

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