A Content Pack To Help You Enjoy Summer Without The Burden Of Content Creation

Ready-to-use Content 〜 Customizable Templates 〜 Stress-Free Summer

Are You Sacrificing Your Summer
to Keep Your Audience Engaged?

Time-consuming work and stress

…creating content instead of enjoying the summer sun.

Missing out on summer fun

…no relaxation, and quality time with family and friends.

Stuck behind a laptop

…researching, confined indoors while others enjoy summer outside.

With the Content Autopilot Pack, you'll have more time to relax and enjoy the summer without worrying about content creation.

By using ready-made, customizable content, you can avoid the burden of creating content from scratch. Professionally crafted content will keep your audience engaged and help your business thrive during the summer.

Here's How to make your content sizzle this summer without the burden of content creation

Get the Content Autopilot Pack

It includes the Nutrition Shortcut Bundle FREE when you buy the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit—everything you need in one sizzling Content Autopilot Pack.

Customize the copy-paste content

Tailor the content to fit your brand easily. From Insta captions to blogs, personalize and publish in minutes.

Free up your summer for fun

Enjoy more time for yourself and your loved ones. Make it a summer to remember.

Join over 34,000 coaches who have streamlined
their content creation process And reduced their workload

Our proven strategies have helped countless professionals achieve a better work-life balance.

I love the content, it looks amazing, easy to personalize, very professional, so helpful cutting hours of content creating. Can't wait to see my business grow.

Aisha Butler

Game changers for my fitness and wellness business. As a busy fit mom, time is of the essence. The Exceed Nutrition programs have helped me streamline so much! I highly recommend all they have to offer!

Rebecca Dyson Heyward

For anyone looking to further their knowledge, grow their business and have good quality resources to give to their clients I highly recommend Exceed Nutrition.

Nichola Lewis

Who Are We?

At Exceed Nutrition LTD, our mission is clear: to empower nutrition professionals like you!

Our global team, with over 40 years of combined experience, includes certified nutrition and fitness coaches, designers, recipe creators, and food photographers. We simplify nutrition coaching by providing ready-made resources and customization options, allowing you to focus on what you do best—helping clients achieve their health goals. Welcome to a simpler, more effective way of coaching.

Here's What You Get

Ready-Made Content

Over 2000 copy/paste marketing assets, including video scripts, social media posts, blogs, quizzes, and email templates.

Customizable Templates

Easy-to-edit, brandable eBooks covering topics from gut health to macros 101 guides.

Canva Ready

Templates for Instagram Reels, Carousels, and editable guides. And copy-and-paste customizable text, ready to publish straight from your clipboard.

Step-by-Step Guides

Practical guides to maximize the use of your toolkit, ensuring you get the most out of every piece of content.

Regular Updates

Continuous content updates and a lifetime warranty empower your confidence in delivering the content.

Ongoing Support

A dedicated support team and access to a private community where you can ask questions and get advice from other members and coaches.

How the Content Autopilot Pack works

Step 1.

Get the Nutrition Shortcut Bundle FREE when you buy the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit. We named it the Content Autopilot Pack!

Step 2.

Access and customize the high-quality, science-backed content

Step 3. 

Brand and publish the content to keep your audience engaged and free up your summer for relaxation (and fun!)

Many nutritionists and personal trainers feel overwhelmed by the burden of constant content creation, missing out on summer fun. 

This can make you feel frustrated and exhausted, especially when you know you should be enjoying your personal time.

The Content Autopilot Pack removes the burden and frustration by providing over 2000 ready-made marketing assets, customizable templates, and practical guides.

First, get the Content Autopilot Pack. Then, access and customize the high-quality, science-backed content. Brand and publish the content to keep your audience engaged and free up your summer for relaxation (and fun!).

Without this solution, you risk burnout and missing out on the joys of summer. Imagine freeing up your time and reducing the stress of constant content creation, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—relaxing and spending quality time with loved ones.

Take action today and let the Content Autopilot Pack unshackle you from your laptop for summer fun.

Install a plan to avoid content creation burden this summer

Here's EVERYTHING you get inside the Content Autopilot Pack

The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit

Your ultimate resource for scientifically validated, ready-to-use marketing content. The copy and paste toolkit helps you attract, captivate, and educate your social followers with ease.

  • 26 Nutrition Topics: Expand your expertise with essential topics from protein basics to advanced workout nutrition, educating and engaging your audience.
  • 26 Short-Form Video Scripts: Boost your online presence with engaging, professionally crafted video scripts.
  • 26 Nutrition Presentations: Enhance your Nutrition Attraction Toolkit with our fully editable done-for-you Canva Presentations.
  • 206 X/Twitter/Threads Organic Posts: Maintain relevance on X/Twitter with various engaging, nutrition-focused posts.
  • 26 Quizzes with Answers: Use fun, informative quizzes to enhance lead generation and client engagement.
  • 206 Instagram/Facebook Posts: Drive engagement on popular platforms with ready-made social media text posts.
  • 780 Trending Hashtags: Connect with a broader online community using trending hashtags for each topic.
  • 104 Expert Email Templates: Save time with professional, ready-to-use email templates for effective lead nurture and conversion.
  • 26 Blog Articles: Establish expertise with well-researched, professionally written blog articles.
  • 520 Blog SEO Expansion Kit Assets: Enhance your blog's search engine rankings with an extensive SEO toolkit.
  • One-click Copy to Clipboard: Streamline your workflow with convenient one-click content sharing from the library.
  • Plain-text Format: Adapt and use content flexibly across various platforms with plain-text format.
  • Comprehensive Science Sources Supplied: Add depth to your content with robust science sources.

The FREE Nutrition Shortcut Bundle includes:

Easily add these nine ready-made resources to your business, skipping the hassle of designing, creating, and writing from scratch.

  • Effortless Shopping Guide: Make it easy for your clients to create personalized grocery lists.
  • Healthy vs. Highly Processed Food: Help your clients discover the difference between processed and ultra-processed foods, so they can make informed decisions about what to put in their bodies:
  • How To Build The Perfect Meal: Practical strategies to help your clients incorporate portion control into their daily routine, and how to plan and prepare balanced meals for ultimate success.
  • Five Habits of Mindful Eating: Includes, five Habits of Mindful Eating that are easy to start. Simple techniques for staying focused on the present moment. Tips for increasing awareness of senses while eating.
  • Transform Your Snacking Habits: Give your clients in-depth information on snacking and how to beat the impulse with nine micro habits for your clients to reduce or avoid snacking. Boost your clients snack game with delicious trail mix generator.
  • Master Your Meals: Effortless Meal Planning: Discover seven key changes for easy meal planning. Learn five tips to simplify healthy eating. Use a handy checklist to master meal planning and make healthy eating effortless.
  • Macros Made Simple, The Quick Start Guide: Understand the three essential macronutrients for optimal health. Guide nutrition choices confidently. Achieve client health and wellness goals with personalized recommendations.
  • Discover the Power of Gut-Brain Axis: Help clients discover the gut-brain axis to re-energize and reboot. Give your clients a 14-day challenge and gut health quiz for a healthier gut.
  • The Veggie Power Challenge: Your clients will… Increase veggie intake to elevate nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Learn five strategies to add more veggies and foster appreciation. Achieve goals with the 21-day veggie power challenge.

Get Instant Access

Normally $194.00

2-for-1 Summer Sale!


  • Ready-to-use content saves hours of creation time.
  • Customize and tailor the content to fit your style.
  • Increased engagement with science-backed material.
  • Free Nutrition Shortcut Bundle.
  • Private Mastermind Community
  • 100% White-Label Content — Private Label License
  • Instant Access!
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Give it two weeks. If you don't feel the content is actionable in your business, simply contact us, and we'll issue you a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit?

The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit includes over 2000 ready-to-use marketing assets, such as short-form video scripts, social media posts, blog articles, quizzes, email templates, and more. These assets cover 26 essential nutrition topics and are scientifically validated to enhance credibility.

How can I customize the content with Private Label Rights (PLR)?

You have complete control over the content with Private Label Rights (PLR). This means you can personalize, brand, and edit the content to align with your unique voice and style, ensuring it resonates with your specific audience.

Is there a limit to how I can use the content?

There are no usage restrictions on the content. Once you have access to the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit, you can use the materials as often as you like, whether for social media, blogs, emails, or other marketing channels.

Do I need any specific tech skills to use the toolkit?

No technical skills are required. The toolkit is designed to be user-friendly, with features like plain text, a one-click copy to the clipboard, and cloud-based access, making it accessible to all technical levels.

How often is the content updated?

The content is checked monthly and regularly updated to reflect the latest nutrition science and trends.

Are there any additional costs or subscription fees?

The Nutrition Attraction Toolkit is available for a one-time fee of $97, providing lifetime access to all the content and updates. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees.

What is the 30-day money-back guarantee?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. If unsatisfied with the toolkit within the first 30 days of purchase, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

How do I access the FREE Canva gifts?

The Canva Social Templates bonus download link is included with the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit library.

Why should I use the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit instead of A.I?

Using the Nutrition Attraction Toolkit instead of A.I. generator has a key advantage: it's science-backed. The toolkit offers content that's not only specialised for nutrition coaching but also validated by scientific research. This ensures that the information and strategies you share with clients are credible and effective. While A.I. can provide a wide range of information, it may not always offer the depth and specificity of scientifically-backed content tailored for nutrition coaching. The toolkit's focus on evidence-based practices adds value to your services and enhances your trustworthiness as a coach.

Is there customer support available if I have questions or need help?

Yes, we provide customer support to assist you with questions or concerns. You can reach support at any time using the email: info@exceednutrition.com