Strategy 2 of 5: Create a new "upgrade" service

It’s likely that you not only want to achieve great client results but also to grow your fitness business in the process.

(what I really mean by this is that you want to make some more dinero, right?)

Here’s what you need to know about that ...

We know the trainers who provide their clients with detailed recipes, alongside bespoke nutrition plans, have clients who stay with them longer... AND refer more often AND pay higher fees. 

This means you can and probably should use your healthy recipes to create an additional ‘paid for’ service.

How do you do this?

There are two simple models I would suggest:

#1 The 'do-it-yourself' upgrade

This is the most straightforward model to follow if you want to create a quick and passive form of new income from your healthy recipes. 

Here you would charge your existing client base a small extra fee each month to access your healthy recipe resources on a monthly basis. 

The goal with this type of "upgrade" is to provide your clients with a little bit more of what they need to achieve their goals in a quicker space of time. 

Reread that highlighted section. (It’s literally the “secret” to selling health and fitness products).

Healthy recipes do precisely this.

Of course, you would need to be consistently updating and refreshing your recipes, but this also means you can charge a recurring monthly fee as a result. 

The pricing for this type of extra service should be reasonable. It should be priced at a level that at least 50% of your existing clients will say yes to.

You want lower-priced services to appeal to as many people as possible.

Since you are only providing your clients with healthy recipes, this type of additional service will not require much of your time, so the price should reflect that.

#2 The 'done-for-you' upgrade

With this type of model, you will likely need to spend more time delivering the service, but your price can increase to reflect this. 

For example, you could provide your clients with their monthly recipes, just like in the previous upgrade, but you would also create a bespoke nutrition plan that is matched to their goals and the recommended recipes.

It’s more of a complete service because of the ‘done-for-you’ elements. 

If your goal is to boost your income from your healthy recipes significantly, then combining it with other resources or services at the same time will help you do this.

And in case you haven’t already downloaded and checked out my free client recipe pack (seriously!?), I have of course included a done-for-you nutrition plan and shopping list to help you get started with this profit-boosting model right away.

Now you’re ready for the next level, strategy three.

So far you’ve learnt how to use healthy recipes to get better client results and create additional "upgraded" services for them.

Next, I’m going to show you how to use healthy recipes to BLOW up your social media channels and drive a ton of hot traffic to your website.


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