Strategy 5 of 5: Create a new fitness product or service 

Why does it feel like every celebrity is bringing out a healthy eating cookbook?

Because there is a huge demand and marketplace for healthy recipes.

Take Joe wicks for example. 

He’s a UK based fitness coach, has amassed a fortune thanks to his recipes and cooking videos. His first published recipe book Lean in 15: 15-minute meals was a 2015 bestseller, having sold more than 900,000 copies.

It is the second top best selling healthy recipe book of ALL time. 

He also created his 90 Day Plan, an online coaching program providing his customers with more healthy recipes and workout programs.

When you combine all of these products and services (which all focus on providing healthy recipes) his business makes over £1,000,000 per month.

(note: he has been relentlessly applying strategy 3, 4 and 5 to build this million dollar fitness business empire.)

Joe Wicks The Body Coach

Perhaps you’re not interested in becoming an Amazon bestseller right now, but you would like to tap into the marketplace and have your slice of the profits.

To do this, you can use heathy recipes to create an online product or program.

Ideally, you have an engaged audience already, perhaps via your email list (strategy 4), social media fans (strategy 3) or website blog (strategy 3). 

Here you will create a digital product at a reasonable price. Significant work is needed now, as you must create that content, have it designed and packaged, plus put up a sexy looking sales page for it.

This work usually pays off, as you now have a high-quality digital product that you can sell online forever.

This is when you start making money while you sleep.

Of course, your healthy recipes will be the star attraction of your digital product or online program, because that’s what people want.

Do what Tania did.

She used our healthy recipe packs to provide a ton of value for her new health and fitness membership site:

As you can see, by creating a health and fitness product around healthy recipes, be it a book, digital product or membership site, you can excel your career, have a bigger impact and make more money.

I'm going to tie things up now…

Let's look at that basic system again:

Strategy 1: Improve your service for existing clients

Strategy 2: Create an additional “upgrade” service

Strategy 3: Grow your social media following and website visitors

Strategy 4: Grow your list of prospects with email marketing

Strategy 5: Create a new online fitness product or program

This simple system forms the guts of how healthy recipes can make nutrition coaching easy and grow your fitness business without working more.

What makes this system so powerful is its flexibility and simplicity.

Don't get hung up with the details.

Pick a strategy, implement it and reap the benefits. Then try out another strategy.

Remember to use my free client recipe pack to make most of this happen.

I've mentioned a few things across these five odd pages that should have your mind racing.

My goal was to "reframe" some of your reality about how one simple resource can take your fitness business to the next level. No matter what stage of business you are at.

I've sprinkled a number of gems within what I've written here. Read and reread these pages a few times and let everything I've said, sink in.

Okay, it’s over to you.

Over and out.

~ Ru Anderson