We must eat food to survive, and that’s because our bodies demand energy to carry out all of life’s biological processes. This energy comes from the nutrients we get from the digested food we eat. For the body to function optimally, our energy intake must match our output. When we achieve this correct energy balance,

By Louis ProvisEveryone has their opinion on this one. Some will say carbs and protein; some will say just protein (and just some carbs).Some will swear by creatine and electrolytes. Many advocate carbs plus EAAs, or protein plus BCAAs, or maybe even just 3g of leucine. As far as timing goes, the post-workout “anabolic window”

​We know training alone does not produce maximum results; it’s what we eat and how much that has the largest impact on our results. The workout window, being before, during and after exercise is considered an important time of day for someone who is seeking maximum performance and recovery.The reason for this, is throughout this

​You already know that a poor diet and lifestyle can be a key-driving factor to some of the difficulties that our clients can experience with their digestive system. This article will examine and research the best procedures and protocols that have proved to be effective at resolving digestive problems.In particular, we will breakdown the '4 R's'

Food allergies and intolerances are considered a ‘sensitive’ topic, as many conventional medical practitioners deny that food sensitivity is a real condition.On the other hand there is a strong argument from alternative medical practitioners that the food we eat is a frequently overlooked origin of disease.It’s therefore important to consider the research and findings from