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10 Healthy Eating Habits to Get Incredible Client Results

We are creatures of habit. We like routine and are generally good at following guidelines and advice. On the flip side most of us do not do as well where we are set strict rules - these usually mean restriction and limitation. When it comes to nutrition, exactly the same situation applies. We therefore need to develop a different […]

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Nutrition for Strength Training and Power Sports

Strength and power athletes have long neglected the performance and recovery benefit that nutrition can offer them. ​Sports nutrition research has shown, just like with endurance and physique athletes, that nutrition is a vital part of these athletes success. The main nutritional goals for these athletes are to provide the required nutrients needed to build, […]

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Nutrition for Bodybuilding and Physique Competitors

Physique athletes are those who structure their training, nutrition for bodybuilding and lifestyle in a quest to achieve their ideal body. They are different to endurance athletes as they do not need to perform at a high rate aerobically, and are different to strength/power athletes as they don’t need to be the biggest or strongest.What they […]

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All About Nutrition For Endurance Athletes

four guys in a biking competition

Anyone participating in a sport or hobby will be utilizing one of the basic components of physical fitness – endurance. For those undertaking 30+ minutes of continuous activity, this can be classified as endurance training.When this extends to 4+ hours of continuous activity, such as an ironman, this is considered ultra-endurance. Endurance fitness is therefore of […]

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All About Nutrition and The Organ Systems

checking blood pressure using aneroid blood pressure kit

We must eat food to survive, and that’s because our bodies demand energy to carry out all of life’s biological processes. This energy comes from the nutrients we get from the digested food we eat. For the body to function optimally, our energy intake must match our output. When we achieve this correct energy balance, […]

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Supplements for Gut Healing and Health

​You already know that a poor diet and lifestyle can be a key-driving factor to some of the difficulties that our clients can experience with their digestive system. This article will examine and research the best procedures and protocols that have proved to be effective at resolving digestive problems.In particular, we will breakdown the '4 R's' […]

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All About Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food allergies and intolerances are considered a ‘sensitive’ topic, as many conventional medical practitioners deny that food sensitivity is a real condition.On the other hand there is a strong argument from alternative medical practitioners that the food we eat is a frequently overlooked origin of disease.It’s therefore important to consider the research and findings from […]

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