Strategy 1 of 5: Improve your service for existing clients

I’m starting with the most obvious, but very effective, way to quickly integrate healthy recipes into your fitness business.

By providing your existing client base (whether online or offline) with nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals that can be matched to achieving their goals, they can fuel their body with the right foods at the right time.

One of the most significant challenges we face as coaches is client compliance and consistency.

But here is the problem:

It's easy for us to think that it's our clients’ fault for not sticking to the program that we’ve created for them. 

They didn't have enough "motivation" or "dedication" to see it through. 

The truth is, that's likely BS.

Many trainers don't know how to make a difference. 

‘Making a difference’ is when the coach listens to an individual client, then puts together a plan which will enable that particular client to win.

It's therefore about showing them the "HOW" and not just telling them the "WHAT". 

This helps us work with each client at whatever level they are currently at. 

We, as coaches, can only do this for our clients if we give them options. 

Not boring and bland meal plans... 

Not tedious food logging and calorie counting... 

Not complete avoidance of “belly busting carbs” or “gut dissolving gluten”. 

I mean, who doesn't love bread ...

Get my point? 😉

Options allow your client to make small yet significant changes, one step at a time. 

A lot of times we fail as coaches because we force too many changes on them too quickly. 

This is the single biggest problem I see with trainers helping clients with their diets. By providing your existing clients with a range of healthy recipes that suits their eating type and goals, you are giving them options.

You are literally showing them HOW to improve their diet and eating habits. 

You are setting up your clients to WIN.

When you get this just right, you’re clients are going to be super impressed, just like James’ clients:

If you’ve downloaded my free client recipe pack, then you can implement this strategy right away.

I recommend sending the recipe pack to your all of your existing clients.

Title the message “Free Gift: 12 delicious healthy recipes” and include a message saying that you’re sharing these recipes to help them further with their goals.

Send it out via email, or your via your coaching app or social media group. Just get it out there.

Do it. I'll wait. Promise.



Then sit back and wait for the awesome responses that will soon arrive in your inbox.

Because you ROCK.

Okay, remember I mentioned that healthy recipes can also grow your fitness business – without working more?

Let’s chat about how to do that now ..

Don't have time to read the whole guide right now?

No worries. Let me send you a copy along with the unbranded client recipe pack so you can read it when it’s convenient for you. Just let me know where to send it: