Strategy 4 of 5: Grow your list of hot prospects

You should also use your healthy recipes as your core marketing strategy to grow your list of prospects.

So how do you ‘grow a list of prospects’?

You build an email list. 

Building a high-quality email list is the single most powerful thing you can do to grow your fitness business.

If you are starting out in personal training or trying to grow your existing fitness business successfully, a quality email list is your golden ticket.

List building is something that we all need to be continuously doing as business owners. 

Here’s how to do this:

Create a free healthy recipes eBook

By creating an eBook, you will be able to significantly move your marketing tactics for your fitness business up a level.

An eBook has many benefits, but the two big ones that spring to mind for me, are first, it will create a ton of ‘know, like and trust’ with whoever reads it.

You should know this is a critical factor that needs to be achieved before someone begins coaching with you.

By creating an eBook, you can build that vital relationship very quickly, because you’ve already provided them with some value to solve their biggest problem. 

The second significant stand-out benefit is that it should also be used as a tool to grow that all important email list.

So ultimately, having a killer free eBook is a massive part of being able to generate quality leads.

The image below shows my free eBook opt-in page that generated over 10,000+ email subscribers which went on to produce multiple figures for my fitness business. 

The star attraction of it, was of course, healthy recipes.

If you get a great eBook into place, then it will not only increase your chances of someone signing up to your email list, but it will also kick-start that important relationship with the potential client.

By using my free client recipe pack, you already have an eBook ready to be instantly deployed.


Just like magic, you start flooding your fitness business with high quality leads while building one of your most important business assets.

And once you’ve got some high quality leads, you just need something to sell them.

That’s what strategy 5 is going to show you how to do.

Let’s dive in:   

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