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All About Carbohydrates – Types, Role, Metabolism & Requirements

Bow tie shaped pastas in the basket and scattered outside

The term ‘carbohydrate’ (or saccharide which means sugar) comes from carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen-based molecules that are present in our foods, e.g., fruits and grains. Unlike essential amino acids and fatty acids, there are no essential carbohydrates.This means we can obtain everything we need nutritionally from other food sources, so carbs are not necessary to […]

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What is Creatine and What Does it Do

The topic of nutritional supplements is controversial, and creatine, in particular, remains one of the most extensively studied supplements currently available to us. Nevertheless, with regard to athletic performance, creatine has continually proved itself to be one of the most effective and safe nutritional supplements to increase strength, muscle mass and performance. To date, there […]

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