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The 10 Best Articles to Move Your Fitness Biz Forward

Great insights often come with the benefit of hindsight. As we say goodbye to the year 2016, we look back to the most popular Exceed Nutrition posts on the blog. Hopefully you enjoy this journey and gain some ideas for your 2017 journey. #10 How to Become Your Most ProductiveThe Summary: Why do we all […]

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Proven Sales & Marketing Strategies for Online Personal Trainers

The single most important question that should always be on the mind of new online personal trainers, is what is the best practice to getting a new email subscriber, selling a low priced programme or selling a high ticket service online.After all, if nobody actually buys our online products or services, what's the point? Nada. So this article will […]

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Launching an Online Fitness Business – A Proven Formula

In the online internet marketing world, launching is a big thing, with some online fitness businesses using it as their primary method of promoting and selling.From my experience, it’s a great tool to heavily promote a new online programme or service, or occasionally promote your existing offerings.After all, if you’ve put large amounts of work […]

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The Perfect Nutrition Consultation for Online Personal Trainers

The Perfect Nutrition Consultation for Online Personal Trainers Creating a personal nutrition coaching experience starts with the nutrition consultation process, which means finding out the important personal information directly from your client.If you do not screen a client with an effective nutrition consultation procedure, chances are you will not really be creating a bespoke strategy, or […]

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How to Plan For a Successful Online Personal Training Programme

When working with trainers to successfully create their own online personal training programme, there comes a time when they hit a big sticking point. They don't know what to offer their clients online.The creation of the programme for your online personal training business is usually one of the most challenging times, as you know it […]

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5 Reasons Most Online Personal Trainers Fail (& How to Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunity)

100 billion dollars (and growing).That’s the estimated size of the online personal training and education market.If you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist or health coach, it’s likely the reason you already know that you need to create an online fitness business.So I’ll spare you the spiel.After all, you probably already know that creating a successful online […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Online Personal Training

online fitness business ru anderson

I'm gonna kick this off by telling you that an online personal training business may not work for you. Seriously. Look, I get it. Online personal training is all the rage. But it's not for everyone. Harsh, but true. After years of coaching hundreds of online clients and building a successful online presence, I've discovered what […]

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